Should You Kill Or Spare Aryan La Valette In The Witcher 2?

Is killing Aryan La Valette a better option, or should you spare him?

The decision of whether to kill or spare Aryan La Valette comes very early on in The Witcher 2. This decision provides no ground for the players to decide which option is right; choosing what to do is harder.

If you are confused about the better option for the type of gameplay you want to go with, continue reading on and see the consequences of the options.

What happens if you kill Aryan La Valette in The Witcher 2?

If you’ve decided you would like to kill him, you can choose to do so in two ways. Choose: Let’s settle this between us; you can end the fight by only killing him. The others would surrender automatically after his death.

However, if you want to take him down with his soldiers, choose As you wish, and the fight will start. Keep in mind this choice would remove him completely from the game. Kill all the soldiers before killing Aryan, as this would make the fight much more easy.

What happens if you spare Aryan La Valette?

If you wish to spare Aryan, select Drop your weapon, fool option. This way, you can convince Aryan that surrendering is the only possible option. It would be a better choice than dying. Aryan and his soldiers would drop the weapons, and the fight would end. Aryan would be captured.

He would later appear in The Dungeons of the La Valettes quest in The Witcher 2 as a prisoner in a castle dungeon. Later, he escapes and returns to the north to his previously owned land.

If you want to interact with him more and know about his story, it’s better to keep him alive. This way, you can interact with him a few more times and even help him escape later. Although this decision does not affect the story much, it’s better not to kill him in the first conversation.

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