The Witcher 2 Runes Guide

The runes can help in boosting weapon stats, but do you know how to craft or buy them?

The Witcher 2 provides different types of weapon enhancements, including the Runes or Runestones. You can add the runes to Silver swords slots from the inventory to boost its effectiveness. To know about these runes in The Witcher 2 and how to use them, continue reading this guide.

How to use Runes/Runestones in Witcher 2?

Using Runestones can enhance the base statistics or add effects that can aid in fighting enemies of all kinds. As Runes are weapon enhancements, they can be added to a silver sword you are using. To equip the wanted rune to a sword, drag the rune to the sword slot you wish to add it to and drop it over it.

This will automatically add the rune’s properties to the existing sword ones. Once added, the rune is tied permanently to the sword. This is the same as how you apply oils to your swords, with the difference being that the effect of the oils only lasts for a few minutes.

If you plan to remove the rune stone later on, you wouldn’t be able to do it unless you plan to break it and make it useless. The other way that will keep the stone intact is when you dismantle the sword completely and extract the runestone from it.

You’ll have to choose between keeping the sword or the runestone in The Witcher 2. Whichever you choose to sacrifice, go to the blacksmith and let him extract a useless rune with a complete sword or have a runestone with a broken sword. Now you know the basics of the runes, so let’s discuss their effects and how you can craft them.

Earth Rune

Earth rune enhances the vitality of the sword by +25, which gives leverage to Geralt’s already existing health. While using this rune, if you successfully block an attack, the 5% damage reduction will act as useful against heavy attacks.

Another use of the Earth rune is as a crafting component. You can use this rune to craft blue meteorite ore. This isn’t a very profitable use of the rune as the rune itself is more expensive than the ore; however, if you really need the ore and have the rune on hand, you can use it.

If you wish to craft an Earth rune, you can buy its diagram from Berthold Candeleria in Flotsam and Haggard in Vergen. You can also buy it directly from Falas and the Incredible Lockhart in The Witcher 2 Loc Muinne. Earth rune is made by using the following components:

  • Essence of water x1
  • Elemental stone x1
  • Silver ore x5

Fire Rune

As the name suggests, the Fire rune is for resistance and receptance for the burn effect. It provides +20% defense for burn along with the already present stats and +10% damage as burn for victims. For an offense-based build, this rune can be highly useful.

Additionally, you can use it to craft red meteorite ore when needed. It’s preferable not to, but you have the choice to.

To get the fire rune or its diagram to craft it yourself, go to Berthold Candeleria in Flotsam, Haggard or Thorak in Vergen, or any merchant in Loc Muinne. Following are the items required to craft the Fire Rune in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

  • Essence of water x1
  • Elemental stone x1
  • Endrega saliva x8

Moon Rune

Moon rune is a pretty basic rune that gives a +4 damage bonus on signs. It can be used for basic swords to provide them with a bit of buff and nothing more. Surprisingly, these runes can be used to craft all three red, blue, and yellow meteorite ores, so if you need any, just use them from your inventory. To buy Moon rune, find any merchant from the following:

  • Mysterious merchant (any city)
  • Berthold Candeleria (Flotsam)
  • Haggard in (Vergen)
  • Thorak (Vergen)
  • Falas (Loc Muinne)
  • Incredible Lockhart (Loc Muinne)
  • Polycarp of Rinde (Loc Muinne)

Or, you can choose to craft this rune by using these items:

  • Essence of water x1
  • Elemental stone x1
  • Diamond dust x4

Sun Rune

The most basic rune of these all, the Sun Rune, increases damage by 5%. Even though this is for elemental damage, it can work wonders paired with other runes or enhancements for a more robust build. You can also use it to craft yellow meteorite ore in The Witcher 2.

If you want to buy Sun Rune, find merchants in Loc Muinne or Vergen and buy it from them. This rune can be crafted, too, if you have the following items:

  • Essence of water x1
  • Elemental stone x1
  • Amethyst dust x4

Ysgith Rune

Lastly, Ysgith rune causes the increase in bleed effect by +8%, along with 7% increased damage on top of the existing sword statistics. This is the most rare type of rune in The Witcher 2 and, if you are lucky, can be found as loot.

In Vergen, you can buy this rune directly from Haggard or buy its diagram from Berthold Candeleria in Flotsam and Incredible Lockhart in Loc Muinne.

Here are the items required to craft this rune:

  • Essence of water x1
  • Elemental stone x1
  • Nekker heart x8
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