The Sims 4 WooHoo Spots Locations Guide

Players will get the chance to do many fun activities in The Sims 4, whether going on vacations or enjoying some romantic time with their loved ones. This guide will tell you about all the Woohoo interaction, its Spots, and Locations in The Sims 4, along with all the details on how to try for a baby and whether excessive Woohoo’ing can get you killed or not.

The Sims 4 Woohoo Spots Locations Guide

In The Sims 4, a romantic interest/relationship differs entirely from a normal friendship. However, starting a romantic relationship with a friendship is better. Directly going in for a romantic relationship contains high odds of being rejected by the romantic interest. Installing expansion packs does not change or add any Woohoo spots to the game.

Another thing to remember is that romantic relationships can be initiated with any Sim regardless of gender.

Lastly, romantic relationships have different levels; romantic partners start with being lovebirds, leading to becoming sweethearts, girlfriend/boyfriend, and finally getting married or engaged.

A Sim needs to increase a romantic relationship to at least 30% before they can unlock the option to Woohoo with the other Sim.

You can Woohoo at the following locations in The Sims 4 ;

Backyard Observatory

The backyard observatory is the replacement of the telescope in Sims 4. It can be used to discover the sky and can also be used to observe your neighborhood. It can be installed in the game by spending §1500. In Sims 4, apart from discovering the sky, it can also be used for Woohoo.


The sauna was first used in Sims 2 and was also part of Sims 3. In Sims 4, it is included as part of the Spa Day games pack that includes comforting items. The sauna can be purchased in Build mode, which boosts Sim’s comfort. This place can also be used for Woohoo.

Hot Tub

Hot Tub has been introduced in different game versions with different models. In sims 4, it is included in the Perfect Patio Stuff pack. You can woohoo in a hot tub as well.


In Sims 4, when you build a house for yourself. You have to purchase a lot of stuff to make it best for living. So, a Bed is the most important item to be purchased for your house. The bed’s main purpose is sleeping, but you can also use it to Woohoo if you like it.


In The Sims 4, if you plan to go on vacation, the basic item you will need is a tent. Tents are to sleep. The tents are available in the category of 2 and 4 Sims, but to Woohoo, you would have to get 2 Sim tents and a high romance bar


Showers are part of every Sim game and I each game you would see a variety of showers. Showers are used to cleaning your Sim, but in Sims 4, showers are given another important purpose: they can be used as a spot of Woohoo.


In Sims 4, the Island Living pack is the place for adventure. Here you would see the beauty of nature, including some mermaids in Sims 4. You can also get an opportunity to swim in this game by going to Island Living. This pack also provides you the spot for Woohoo.


Closets are the wardrobes in Sims 4 that can be used as a place for changing clothes. These closets also help you decorate your rooms and make them look more appealable to the audience. Including these functions, the Closet can also be used as a location for Woohoo.

Pile of Leaves

In Sims 4, you will get to see different weathers. During specific weather, dry leaves fall from the trees in the garden area of your house. Your Sim can pile them up at some location and use this place as Woohoo Location.

Sleeping Pod

Sleeping Pods serve the same functions as Bed in Sims 4. But these Pods are better for releasing your stress and tiredness. These Sleeping Pods are also the place where the Sims can Woohoo.


With the release of Sims4: vampire, many fun things were added to the game. These things also include a coffin that resembles a bed. These Coffins serve the bed function and are also used as Woohoo spots.

Party Bush

In Sims 4, if you and your partner Woohoo are out in public and want to have Woohoo instead of going back home and finding a better place for it. You can find a Party Bush, hide inside its leave, and fulfill their desires.

Brindleton Bay’s Lighthouse

Brindleton Bay is introduced in Sims 4 as a part of the expansion pack. You can visit the lighthouse if you ever go to Bredleton Bay in the game. After visiting and seeing different parts of this lighthouse, you can go to the top of this lighthouse to find a spot for Woohoo.

Rocket Ship

You can rebuild the rocket in the Sims 4 if your Sim is interested in the Rocket Science Skills. After a rebuild, you can send these rockets to upper space for research purposes. If you have a partner sim, you can also travel with them and Woohoo in space.

Money Vault

In Sims 4, The Duck Security SCR009E Super XL Smart Vault is introduced and can be used as a place for hiding your cash and unique items. Your vault can be used for interaction purposes if it has §5,000. You can use it as a spot for Woohoo.

Anywhere As Bats

To unlock this Woohoo option, Sims have to be vampires who can shapeshift into a bat. You can also use Woohoo in bat mode.


In The Sims 4, by getting the Eco Lifestyle Expansion pack, Sims can have Woohoo in the filthiest dumpsters.

Hot Spring

Bu getting the Snowy Escape Expansion pack, Sims can enjoy Hot springs. You can’t try for a baby in hot springs as pregnant Sims can’t swim, but it is a good place for Woohoo.

Ice Cave

Players can discover a new Woohoo location in the Snowy Escape expansion pack, an Ice Cave. Inside this cave, Sim and the partner Sim can get warm sensations by using the Woohoo ability

How to Have a Successful Woohoo

Sims can enjoy greater success in Woohoo if they acquire the Charisma skill. The higher their Charisma skill level, the more effectively other Sims will accept their energy.

A Sim will gain the Alluring Bonus Trait by having any Love Aspirations. Sims with this trait have a 20% chance of success in Woohoo.

The other reason for successful Woohoo is the ambiance. Items with the Flirty emotional aura enabled will cause every Sim in the room where the object is placed to gain a powerful Flirty moodlet.

Trying for a Baby

In Sims 4, using the Woohoo ability can’t make the Sims pregnant. To start a family, you must use the Try for Baby option in the game.

You can go to the interaction menu if you want this option. You will find the Try for Baby option next to the Woohoo option. This option will be available for you when you reach 40-50% progress in the Romantic Relationship meter. Also, this option will be only available when your partner is of the opposite gender as you.

Dying from Woohoo

In sims 4, only elder Sims can die by using the ability of Woohoo. But that is not always the case. When elder Sims use the ability of Woohoo, they get into the dangerously Tired moodlet after their 1st round. They can get back to normal health if they rest.

However, if elder Sims continue to Woohoo in the Tired moodlet, they can die after the 2nd or 3rd round due to tiredness and overexertion.

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