The Sims 4 WooHoo Spots Locations Guide

The Sims 4 Romance
In The Sims 4, there are a total of three places where a Sim can ‘WooHoo’ with their romantic interest. These places are: the bed, the rocket ship, and the observatory. Also, do note that you need to have a strong romantic relationship with another Sim to ‘Woohoo’ with him/her.

Things To Keep in Mind
Do note that a romantic interest/relationship is entirely different from a normal friendship. However, it’s better to start off a romantic relationship with a friendship. Directly going in for a romantic relationship contains high odds of being rejected by the romantic interest.

Another thing to keep in mind is romantic relationships can be initiated with any Sim regardless of the gender.

Lastly, romantic relationships have different levels; romantic partners start off with being lovebirds which leads to becoming sweethearts to being girlfriend/boyfriend and finally getting married or engaged.

A Sim needs to increase a romantic relationship to at least 30% before they could unlock the option to WooHoo with the other Sim.

You can check out our Romantic Interests and Social Interactions guide for more information on each of these things.

The Sims can apologize to each other over the minor conflicts in the bed and can also unlock 50-mil High Club Achievement for successfully doing ‘WooHoo’ in the rocket ship.

Check out the SimsVIP video which showcases successful ‘WooHoo’ in all locations!

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