The Sims 4 Romance and Marriage Guide

I have hardly come across anyone who didn’t want to develop a relationship in The Sims 4.

Who would want to be a loner when relationships add so much flavour to your in-game life? I know better than to convince the ones who prefer to keep their sims alone.

The Sims 4 Romance and Marriage

In this guide, I’ll talk about different romantic interactions and how to take a casual romantic interest to marriage.

Getting Started
To get started, your sims need to interact with other characters, and for that, they need to step out of their homes and start interacting with other in-game characters.

Visiting other sims in their homes, meeting them over the streets, and visiting social areas like zoo, bars, restaurants, museums, parks, and even gyms are some of ways to get to know other sims.

Tip: I would highly recommend visiting social areas as these places are visited by different sims having different traits and aspirations.

Aspirations and Traits
These two things play a major role in determining the course of a relationship. Each sim in the game has different aspirations and traits which make them react in different ways.

Ideally, you should look for sims with similar traits and aspiration to make things smooth.

Keeping this in mind, start off with a casual conversation and then work your way to the relationships. The icons on top of the other sims’ heads will indicate a conversation’s success or failure.

You can also talk about your interests like cooking, music, video games, etc. and see the response of the other sims.

If you don’t wish to go for hit-and-miss method, you can go for ‘Get to Know’ option right from the start and know about the other sims’ interests and other things.

Tip: While talking to a sibling, parent, child, or an already taken sim, you’ll notice the absence of ‘Romance’ option in the conversation categories. This is a good way of knowing whether you can develop a romantic relationship with a sim or not.

Kicking Off a Friendship
After interacting with sims, you’ll be able to keep track of the progress of the friendship using ‘Friendship Bar’. If the bar is green, everything is well and good, but if it’s red, then you need to add positive points to your relationship.

Just remember that you need to keep up with a healthy conversation and the bar will never turn red. Go with the decent jokes, asking others about their day, and getting to know them is guaranteed to work.

While you’re working on a relationship, always make sure to avoid getting flirty. Rushing in with the romantic interests will lead you to nowhere, but rejection – avoid that!

The best things that you can do to speed up the process are by the use of emotions and traits. Conversations about matching traits and emotions will greatly speed up the process.

Kicking Off a Romantic Interest
Just like the ‘Friendship Bar’, there is also a pink bar dedicated to ‘Romance’.

After you’ve become good friends, you can begin with romantic interactions. Start off with smaller things like giving compliments and a little physical interaction like taking photos, etc.

Once again, the pink ‘Romantic Bar’ will tell you whether you’re on the right course or not.

Once the pink bar has reached above 30%, open up a little and go for interactions like holding hands, hugging, and even the first kiss. After the first kiss, you can even ask the sims to become your girlfriend/boyfriend.

After the other sims accept your proposal of becoming girlfriend/boyfriend, keep on going with the romantic interactions – even WooHooing – and you’ll be in a position to ask the other sims to get engaged.

However, make sure to do this once the pink bar is above 50%. Two sims can immediately go for a marriage after the engagement.

Two sims can either plan a big marriage or simply elope for a more cost-effective marriage. Once two sims are married, they can move in together and bring in all of their house-holdings from the previous house as some sort of dowry.

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