The Sims 4 Tech Guru Career Guide

Tech Guru is one of the best career options in The Sim 4 because you can at the same time enjoy and earn by pursuing this career. You will have two wonderful options like Programming and Gaming to choose from. Instead of grunt work from 9-5 in another career, this career will give you more money in the beginning by doing a simple task like playing games.

Being a Tech Guru, you can choose between developing applications, games, and hacking. This guide will give you all the information you need about the Tech Guru profession in The Sims 4, including the best skills, career levels, job rankings, best mods, and cheats.

How to Become a Tech Guru in The Sims 4?

If you want to take a Tech Guru career in The Sims 4, the first thing you need is a computer. Then go to the Career Panel in the bottom right corner and choose Tech Guru from the list of options. Then you’ll be given the choice of a level 1 job, which in your instance is Live Chat Support Agent.

The game has mandated a compulsory requirement to have level 2 programming to increase your level as Tech Guru. Exercise your programming skills for four hours, and you will automatically be converted to a level 2 programmer without any additional exam. You can also learn how to unlock career items in Sims 4 through the linked guide.

Best Skills and Traits for Tech Guru


There are two sides to the social personality spectrum: introvert and extrovert. The more you are introverted, the less social you are. That’s where the loner attribute comes in because your sims must be the least social to be a loner.

The nature of the work demands them to be on their computer, so we don’t want him socializing with other sims all-day. The loner sim will feel weird between people, so consider this before selecting this trait.


Building programs and games require high brain capacity, so genius attributes will come in handy if you choose this career. You will get more brain cloud inspiration if you are a genius. Also, you will concentrate more on pulling long hours in front of the screen.


Geek in simple language is a person obsessed and expert in his profession so having that trait in your sim is a plus if you want to excel in a tech profession.

Geeks in Sims 4 will have more fun doing tech-savvy work like playing video games and brainstorming for a program.

Tech Guru Career Levels and Job Ranks

Level Job Salary
1 Live Chat Support Agent $248/day
2 Quality Assurance $342/day
3 Code Monkey $423/day
4 Ace Engineer $504/day
5 Project Manager $584/day
6 Development Captain $624/day

eSports Gamer Career Levels and Job Ranks

Level Job Salary
7 eSports Competitor $1089/day
8 Pro Gamer $1358/day
9 APM King/Queen $1566/day
10 Champion Gamer $1968/day

 Startup Entrepreneur Career Levels and Job Ranks

Level Job Salary
7 The Next Big Thing? $686/day
8 Independent Consultant $1110/day
9 Dot-Com Pioneer $2226/day
10 Start Up Genius $2580/day

Best Mods for Playing Tech Guru Career

Tech Guru Work from home

If you are working from home, the daily routine will be the same with this mod. One hour before work time, you will get an option to either work from home, send your sim to work, or take a day off. With this mod, you will get two tasks daily. You will work like the below if you are a beginner:

  • take part in games.
  • Make games with mods
  • Play modified games, make plugins, and concentrate on improving your programming and video gaming abilities.

You will be earning more working from home. If you choose to become an entrepreneur, then you will be given startup tasks like:

  • make a mobile app.
  • Develop a game and begin hacking stuff.
  • Learn about the Sims in various neighborhoods.
  • Make a loan request.

Tech Guru Career Cheats

You must press Control + Shift + C to go to the career cheats menu. After you’ve gotten to the menu, type testingcheats on or testing cheats true and press enter. After that, input any of the following codes to activate them:


You may use “careers.promote techguru” to advance your sim’s painter career and get a promotion to the next level, which has more salary and benefits.


If you wish your sim to go back a level, use “careers. Demote techguru”. This hack won’t let you go back if you’ve already picked a professional branch.

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