The Sims 4 Scientist Career Guide

Learn about the Scientist career in The Sims 4, including the top skills, career levels, job rankings, career tasks, best mods and cheats.

The Get to Work Expansion Pack for The Sims 4 unlocks a world of possibilities for ambitious Sims. The intriguing scientist career is among these, and it is perfect for knowledge seekers and aspiring inventors.

As a Scientist, your Sim will spend their days at the high-tech FutureSim Labs. They’ll tackle various tasks here, from concocting serums with strange effects to inventing groundbreaking gadgets. Success in this career hinges on both technical skills and social connections. Building rapport with colleagues allows you to delegate tasks, accelerating your progress.

This guide details all the necessary information to navigate the exciting world of scientific research in The Sims 4 and make sure your Sim unlocks its full scientific potential.

How to Become a Scientist in The Sims 4?

If you want to take a Scientist career in The Sims 4, go to the Career Panel in the bottom right corner and choose Scientist from the list of options.

You will get the job of a Lab Technician, which will be a 10 AM – 7 PM job giving you $24/hour for 5 days a week (Monday – Friday). Your job here will require you to make new inventions and serums, which will require materials to make, like crystals, elements, and even plants. So, it’s good to stock up on these collectibles early.

For plants, it’s good to buy some starter seeds; as for materials and crystals, you can get them from digging the sites around the workplace. Or you can ask your co-worker to give you crystal, metal, or DNA samples. Also, you may get more collectibles by analyzing crystals or metals on a chemical analyzer, and when you create a new serum, it levels up your career.

Keep looking at the bar for tasks and complete them to increase your level. After reaching higher levels in this career and unlocking career rewards, you get a chance to get to Sixam, which is an alien world using a spaceship. You can make money manufacturing items using SimRay.

Best Skills and Traits to choose


If you want your sim to become a scientist, you must first investigate the logic skill. Because in this career, there is no perfect path to level up in this career, so you need logical skills to make new inventions and solve different analytical problems.


The tasks you will be doing require a lot of brain processing, so genius is also a must-skill in your sim. If you are a scientist, you need many Eureka moments to be inspired by your inventions.


Sometimes, you must work for weeks before inventing anything new as a scientist, so you must be a geek enough to excel in this career. More than the other two professions, scientists depend extensively on their goals lists, so you must be a geek to complete these goals.

Scientist Career Levels and Job Ranks

1Lab TechnicianHave 2 breakthroughs$216/day
2Apprentice InventorHave 4 breakthroughs$288/day
3Junior TinkererHave 6 breakthroughs$351/day
4Serum SequencerHave 8 breakthroughs$432/day
5Technology InnovatorHave 10 breakthroughs$648/day
6UfologistHave 12 breakthroughs$918/day
7Laboratory LeaderHave 14 breakthroughs$1278/day
8Pioneer of New TechnologiesHave 16 breakthroughs$1683/day
9Mad ScientistHave 18 breakthroughs$1935/day
10Extraterrestrial Explorer$2223/day

Career Tasks

You will get multiple tasks during your career as a scientist in Sims 4, divided into either inventing a serum or making a breakthrough invention. You will have to make 6 inventions and 15 serums throughout your career. As for the serums are created in the chemistry lab using your Scientist Notebook, and as said above, serums are made using plants. Whereas for inventions, you need materials. Let’s go through all the inventions and materials needed to make them:

InventionMaterials Needed
Momentum CoserverNo materials needed
Hover LampNo materials needed
Cloning MachineCommon Metal (x2), Common Crystal (x2)
Satellite DishCommon Metal (x3), Common Crystal (x3)
SimRayCommon Metal (x1), Common Crystal (x1)
Electroflux Wormhole GeneratorUncommon Metal (x2), Uncommon Crystal (x2), Element (any)

How to have Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs are important to get promoted; they are essentially the promotion task of this active career, and thankfully, they are very easy to get. You can get them while having a shower, reading a book, or running on a treadmill; there are so many ways you won’t have any issues achieving this. In short, you can get them from everyday interactions. This means you can easily turn this career into a passive career if you want to snap up promotions.

Unlockable Inventions and Serums

After the first six levels, you can unlock new inventions; these inventions help boost your sim moodlets and earn them some extra income. Therefore, it is important to create these inventions to maximize the benefit of the career, but most importantly, you need materials to create them. These materials can be either metals or crystals, which are rare and don’t require money to purchase.

LevelNameRequired MaterialsFunctionalityFurther Upgrades
1Momentum ConserverNoneGives focused moodlets if turned on and viewedNone
2SimRayCommon Crystal (1) Common Metal (1)Transform objects, and those objects can be used on sims. You can change some aspects on the objects or mind-control them to do actions. If you use this invention on cheap objects to generate expensive objects that can earn you more income.Level 3 – Transform Objects Level 4 – Mind Control: Change Clothes Level 5 – Mind Control: Clean Level 6 – Mind Control: Sit Level 7 – Mind Control: Eat Level 8 – Mind Control: Sleep Level 9 – Mind Control: Panic Level 10 – Transform Sim
3Hover LampNoneSimilar to Momentum ConserverNone
4Satellite DishCommon Crystals (3) Common Metal (1)This affects moodlet of nearby townies, and when you upgrade it, it can be used to detect aliens and prevent abductionsLevel 8 – adds additional interactions with aliens
5Cloning MachineCommon Crystal (2) Common Metals (2)Clones’ different objects and even simsLevel 8 – allows the cloning of Sims, however the cloned sim will not possess the same trait, career, or skills
6Electroflux Wormhole GeneratorUncommon Crystal (2) Uncommon Metals (2) Elements (2)It allows focused moodlets and more breakthroughsLevel 10 – When you upgrade the device, it allows sim to travel to Sixam (a hidden area)

Other than inventions, serums are also valuable as they allow you to earn money without spending anything in the Sims 4 Scientist Career. Once you craft a serum, you can gift it to other sims. Serums can be exercised to be used in either a good or bad way. However, you must not overuse them; wait for the effects of one serum to wear off, and then use another. There are 15 serums in total that you can craft. Let’s go over them all:

LevelNameRequired MaterialsFunctionalitySell Value
1Synthetic FoodAny Plant (2)Satisfies Hunger Needs$100
2Red HotBasilMakes a sim angry$200
3Rose PerfumeRoseMakes a sim flirty$300
4Snake OilDaisyCures illness$400
5SlimifyParsley (2) Carrot (2)Makes a sim go slim$500
6Ghost GooMushroom (3)Makes a sim turn into a ghost for some time$600
7Need FixerSpinach Any Common Metal (2)Satisfies all kinds of needs$650
7EmbiggenPlantain (2) Apple (2)Makes a sim go fat$700
8Spark DriveStrawberry Any Common CrystalGives energy to a sim$750
8Ox StrengthSpinach Any Common Crytal (2)Makes a sim physically fit$800
9SmartChrysanthemum (2) Apple (2)A 6-hour moodlet that gives buff to certain moods$850
9Fixer’s LuckAny Upgrade Parts (2)An 8-hour moodlet that gives extra upgrade, also allows sims to repair obejcts quickly$900
10Reaper’s FriendDeath Flower Any Alien Crystal (obtained from Sixam)Keeps sims alive and avoid death$950
10Alien AuraAlien Metal Alien Crystal Alien Plant (All gained from Sixam)Sims get alien power temporarily$1,000
10Age-AwayQuill Fruit Xenopetrium Any Alien Crystal (2) (obtained via Sixam)Reset the current age bar to day 1$1,050

Rewards and Bonuses

With every rank, you will unlock rewards, which can be in the form of clothing or lab materials. Let’s review all the rewards you will get throughout your career as a scientist.

2New clothes Journey to the stars
3New clothes Flying saucer table lamp
4Chemistry lab
5New clothes S1M5o4 test tube pedestal
6Cautionary tale door x-180 shatterproof window
7Hygienic decontamination pod
8New clothes
9New clothes
10New clothes Out of this world desktop

Best Mods for Playing Sims 4 Scientist Career

Rocket Scientist Mod

You can use this mod to become a rocket scientist. If you choose to become a scientist, it will not give you any chance to become a rocket scientist. With this mod, you can pursue this career and earn good money.

You can make rockets and climb through the ranks to outer space. You will be well recognized in society because fewer people have what it takes to become a rocket scientist.

Scientist Career Cheats

To access the menu for career cheats, you need to press Control + Shift + C. After you have accessed the menu, you need to type testingcheats on, or testing cheats true and hit enter. After that, you can type any of the codes given below to use them:


You can use “careers.promote adult_active_scientist” to level up your sim in the business career and get a promotion to the next job that will pay more.


You can use “careers.Demote adult_active_scientist” if you want your sim to return to a level. This cheat will not go back if you have chosen a branch in your career. And if you are at level 1, this cheat will get you fired.

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