The Sims 4 Law Career Guide

In November 2019, the Discover University expansion pack was added to the SIMS 4, introducing the Law career paths to the game. “Make Crime Pay, Become a Lawyer” if these words thrill your heart, then choose Law as your career. Become a judge or private attorney and serve justice with full zeal and zest.

This guide will go over all the useful skills, teach you how to unlock career items, mods, and cheats you can use if you choose the Law career in Sims 4. We will also review the career levels and job ranks associated with this career.

How to Follow a Law Career in The Sims 4?

Learning how to get a degree from Discover University can help you follow the law profession. Recommended degrees are language, history, and literature. This career mainly involves solving law issues of other Sims, so to excel in it, the player must work on their research and debate skills from the beginning. Research machines found at the library in Britechester or the University of Commons are very helpful resources.

Best Traits and Skills for Law Career


The charisma skill is essential for the private attorney branch and can be obtained by going out and conversing with others. Being an extrovert is important for success.


This emotional trait is useful as Genius Sims’ Solve Hard Problems’ helps build logic skills. These Sims prefer intellectual activities like Chess over entertainment, developing a much deeper thought process. Logic skills are the roots of this career.

Lot Traits

The science lair lot trait lightly increases the logic gain rates of the Sims, while the convivial lot trait increments their charisma. These boosts are very helpful.

Law Career Levels and Job Ranks

In the earlier levels, the daily tasks include filing court documents which can be done by accessing the law section on the computer. However, to surpass level 4, the Sim needs to pass the lawyer’s exam, after which they can offer their services to others. The law career in Sims 4 has 2 branches: Judge Branch and Private Attorney Branch.

Level Job  Salary
1 Process Server  §135 daily
2 File Clerk §162 daily
3 Legal Secretary  §198 daily
4 Paralegal §270 daily
5 Budding Barrister §416 daily
6 Adept Attorney §600 daily
7 Promising Prosecutor §735 daily

Judge Career Levels and Job Ranks

Level 9 of the Research & Debate skill is required to become a judge. The Judge branch pays less than the private attorney branch.

Level Job  Salary
8 Gavel Smasher   §960 daily
9 Honorable Arbitrator   §1760 daily
10 Chief of Justice  §3400 daily

Private Attorney Career Levels and Job Ranks

The Charisma Skill, along with debate and research, is very important for this branch. As mentioned above, the earnings of private attorneys are more than judges.

Level Job  Salary
8 Lead Litigator    §1260 daily
9 Legal Eagle    §2025 daily
10 Preeminent Partner     §3150  daily

Law Career Cheats

The following are the career cheats for the law career in SIMS 4:

Law Promotion Cheat: careers. promote Law

Law Career Adding Cheat: careers.add_career law

The testingcheats console command needs to be turned on to use the cheats. You can turn this console command by pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + C keys on windows, COMMAND + SHIFT + C keys on Mac, and All Trigger Buttons on the consoles.

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