The Sims 4 Interior Decorator Career Guide

It’s time to gather your color samples, a cup of tea, and a design book as we’re going to get into the Interior Decorator Career in The Sims 4, which is the primary component of the Dream Home Decorator game pack.

Our Sims are introduced to interior design with the Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator DLC. Even better, your Sim can take on the designer role and assist in making the client’s desires come true. That is, at least, the plan.

But the question is if this career is worth it. You should only play it if you intend to take it seriously, enjoy the building features, and unlock career rewards. The pack can be a lot of fun if you try to put yourself in the shoes of an interior decorator and create something truly spectacular.

How to Become Interior Decorator in The Sims 4?

You may start a career in this field by looking for a job on your phone, and while though it is a core career rather than a side career as freelancing, it is still gig-based.

Once inside the career panel, click the checklist to display the many available jobs. If they are greyed out, it indicates that your career is not advanced enough for you to accept that gig.

You can also view the renovation you’re performing and whether it’s for residential or commercial use from the panel. There are many different gig types, so utilize the filters at the top if you know exactly what you want. Room renovations are the easiest, while level renovations or room and level additions are more difficult.

To summarize, all you need to do is use your Sim’s phone and navigate to Work > Find a Job > Professions to become an interior designer (optional filter). To accept the position, scroll down until you find Interior Decorator as an option, and then click the checkbox.

Best Skills and Traits For Interior Decorators

A Keen Eye for Details and Creativity

You’ll need to be extremely inventive in the first place. It will be expected of you to create environments for a variety of clients. You’ll need to be extremely adaptive even though having a point of view can be useful.

To create unified rooms, you’ll also need to simultaneously pay attention to the broad picture and minute details. Although it is not the only qualification for this position, creativity is unquestionably a requirement.

Charisma Skill

Few fantastic skills that charisma unlocks allow you to affect other people’s emotions. One of them is flattery. To make Sims happier, you can employ flatter and compliment abilities.

You can build a strong bond by disclosing secrets and having in-depth conversations when you are at least acquainted. To help Sims reach extremely high emotional states and improve performance, do this from one Sim to the other Sim. At advanced levels, you can even request loans from your Sims that you already know you won’t be able to repay. Since they won’t get their money back, there is no penalty for doing this. However, each Sim can only be used once for this.

Being flirtatious and knowing some lovely welcomes like the Enchanting Introduction you might use to start a conversation are both aspects of charisma. Utilize your charismatic qualities to establish a strong rapport with the client by engaging in some light flattery.

Interior Decorator Career Levels and Job Ranks

1 Interior Color Consultant
2 Interior Design Technician $ 370 bonus
3 Space Manager $ 485 bonus
4 Decorating Consultant $ 600 bonus
5 Building Space Planner $ 765 bonus
6 Home Organizer $ 900 bonus
7 Home Decorator $ 1.215 bonus
8 Business Interior Designer $ 2.100 bonus
9 Interior Designer $ 2.500 bonus
10 Certified Interior Designer $ 3.150 bonus

Best Mods For Playing Interior Decorator

We’ll review a list of best mods for playing as an Interior Decorator in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 Build Mod

Build Mode” is a Sims 4 tool you’ll employ to develop 3D interior design concepts for building houses. A flexible build mode is included in the game’s most recent version. It can be used to design the interior you’ve envisioned for a long time.

Once in the game, you can access the build mode by hitting F3 on your keyboard or by opening the top right-hand menu and selecting the spanner and hammer icon. An image of a small house will emerge in the lower-left corner of the grid that will be created on the property you are building your home.

You can choose different portions of the little icon of a house by clicking on it. Building blocks for your design project can be found in each department. You’ll employ the following in the interior design:

  • Walls and empty rooms
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Stairs
  • Wall and floor patterns

Perks of Using this Mod

Creating a Floor Plan

Sims 4 build mode will make it simple for you to quickly construct a floor plan from scratch or duplicate one for a remodeling project. Additionally, you can include inside walls, doors, and windows.

Use Prebuild Styled Rooms

You can use the prebuild-styled rooms in your floor plan if you don’t have the time to design everything from scratch. You can complete this in a few easy clicks because you are familiar with the purpose of every room in your home or apartment.

Discover What Works Best With Your Space

By selecting Floor Patterns, you can select from various flooring options in Build Mode. To see a pattern’s color, move your mouse over it. You will add flooring to the room if you choose “By Floor.” Choose “By Tile” to create custom shapes and patterns. By pressing “Ctrl+F,” you can change from triangle-shaped to square floor tiles.

Design the Home of Your Dreams

Once the floor plan, flooring, and wall coverings are finished, you may begin adding furniture to finish the interior design. Thankfully, Sims 4 includes hundreds of exquisitely made objects to help you perfectly outfit your design and build your dream house.

Interior Design Career Cheats

To access career cheats, you must simultaneously press all four shoulder buttons on a console or CTRL + SHIFT + C on a PC or Mac. The upper left corner of the screen will show a text box as a result. Just type testingcheats on into the text field.

You should see a confirmation stating that cheats are enabled if the code is successful. You can substitute the term on with true or 1 if it doesn’t work. Once cheats are enabled, you can add more by entering new cheat codes in the same box.

You can fast develop your career with these cheats, which are unique to the new game pack. You can use: to get a rapid promotion.

careers.promote deco Quick promotion
careers.promote interior Quick promotion
stats.set_stat statistic_Career_InteriorDecorator_Reputation 100 Increases your Reputation bar to full.
stats.set_stat statistic_Career_Performance 100 Increases your Performance bar to full
bb.showhiddenobjects Show hidden objects


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