The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3 Collectibles Guide

To help you collect all the Collectibles in the Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3, we’ve prepared this guide with their locations

The Last of Us 2 Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3 has three stages to it, with each stage having several collectibles in it, totaling 23 Collectibles.

To help you collect all the Collectibles in the Last of Us 2 Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3, we’ve prepared this guide to show you the exact location of each one of them.

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3 Collectibles

There are a total of 23 Collectibles in TLOU 2 Chapter 4 and they’re divided between the three stages like so:

  • Road to the Aquarium: 4 Trading Cards, 3 Artifacts, 2 Workbenches and 1 Journal Entry.
  • The Flooded City: 2 Trading cards, 6 Artifacts, 2 Workbenches and 1 Safe.
  • Infiltration: 1 Journal Entry.

Most of these Last of Us 2 Chapter 4 collectibles are well-hidden and if you don’t know where to look beforehand, you’ll most likely end up missing them. However, with the help of our detailed TLoU 2 Seattle Day 3 walkthrough, you should be able to navigate easily.

Road to the Aquarium

Trading Card (Esquire)
This trading card can be found right at the start of this chapter. When you open your eyes in the dressing room inside the theatre, exit the dressing room and make your way towards the front of the main stage.

Keep moving forward until you see some large red curtains. Instead of going through these curtains, turn to the left and you’ll see the TLOU 2 collectible trading card on a table next to a mic.

Trading Card (Tormenta) and Workbench #1
After getting inside the comic convention center building, move forward until you go past a bathroom and reach a half-open door. Crouch under the door to get inside a little office.

The trading card will be sitting on the computer table. The first workbench of this chapter will also be inside this office.

Artifact (Garage Note)
After diving into the flooded road with Jesse, swim until you pass the initial large pool of water. Once you do that, go back up and you’ll see a creepy parking garage behind you. There’s a Clicker and two Stalkers inside there, so be very careful.

After you kill the hostiles in there, go up to the upper floor where you’ll find a dead body that you can loot for the Garage Note artifact and some extra supplies.

Trading Card (Tanager)
When you’re inside the Bookstore, you’ll see some bookshelves holding up a piece of concrete. Crawl underneath it and you’ll see the collectible trading card on one the shelves at the bottom.

Journal (Mushrooms)
When you’re inside the library which has the Alice in Wonderland artwork, make your way to the Children’s section and you’ll find the mushrooms on the artificial trees Journal Entry there.

Artifact (Bookstore Note)
Walk away from the Alice in Wonderland artwork and you’ll see some books on a desk in front of you. This artifact will be sitting on that desk.

Artifact (Textile Note)
After your second fight with the WLF soldiers in The Last of Us 2, head to the area where the sniper was. You need to go inside the Boba shop on the other side of Warren Properties construction signs.

Once inside, go up the stairs and you’ll find a textile shop in the rear end. Grab all the supplies from this shop and then get the note from the brick wall by the windows.

Workbench #2
After your second battle with the WLF soldiers, you’ll see a store to your left called ‘Norkik Cosmetics’. Go inside this store and climb up the concrete chunks and you’ll find some eerie mannequins.

Turn to the left and dive into the water. Go under the truck and when you reach the other side, there will be a slope which will allow you to get into the building. Run past all the mannequins here and then go up to the second floor.

The workbench will be next to the window.

Trading Card (Tatuaje)
After you make the plan to steal a boat, head inside the worn-out building and after you crouch under the wreckage, you’ll see the card on your left sitting on a shelf.

The Flooded City Collectibles

Trading Card (Seff-L’Ho’Phaq)
When you arrive at the gate and gain the ability to get off the boat, exit the boat and you’ll see an open door behind you by the water.

This door will lead you to an office, where you can find the collectible trading card in a drawer by the computer table at the back.

Journal Entry (Ferris Wheel)
After you figure out how to open the blocked gate, go into the storage area to the left and then go up to the second floor. While in the corridor, you can view the Ferris Wheel through a window. Stand here to pull out your journal and draw the Ferris Wheel.

Artifact (Stash Note)
After you’re done drawing the Ferris Wheel, look to the left of this window and you’ll see a corpse in the corner of the corridor. A stash note, containing a hint to a safe combination, will be lying on the floor adjacent to the corpse.

Warehouse Safe
After grabbing the stash note from the corridor, go to the other side of the corridor. There will be a moveable bed here that you can move to reveal a little opening, through which you can crouch through.

Once you’re through, jump down to the boat through the window and you’ll find the cage. Open it up using the combination 70, 12, 64 and you’ll get yourself some decent supplies.

Workbench #1
After you restart the boat, you’ll see a large building ahead of you called the ‘Seattle Sleep Warehouse’.

Before you head inside, turn left and you’ll see another building called the ‘Manufacturing Production Dis-’ (the sign is hard to read).

Go inside this building and you’ll find the first workbench of this stage.

Artifact (Shambler Note)
There is another building called the ‘Carthy Hotel’ which is on opposite to the Seattle Sleep Warehouse. Head inside and you’ll find the note on a corpse.

Artifact (Encampment Note)
When you see the WLF Soldiers fighting the Seraphites in the wrecked building, carefully move in from the side and take out some of the Seraphites left there. Then, go up to the second floor.

You’ll find the artifact in a room with glass windows.

Artifact (Sniper’s Note)
When you arrive at the Seraphim base, you’ll see a wrecked train in the center of the lake which serves as a stairway for you to get up on the train line above. Keep moving through the wagons until you find a locked door.

Get the rope from there and then jump down to your right. You can get to the platform there by swinging on your rope. Go inside the wagon here and you’ll find the note on a seat opposite to the corpse.

Artifact (Arcade Flyer)
After you conquer the Seraphite base, hop in your boat and sail underneath their building until you reach the windows of an arcade/bar. Exit your boat, head inside and you’ll find the flyer on one of the tables there.

Workbench #2
Go upstairs in the bar and you’ll find the workbench by the rear wall in the arcade area. It’s next to the corpse on the balcony.

Trading Card (Khazakh Bright)
After you kill the Purchlak in the arcade, lift the blind above the counter and you’ll find this collectible trading card under the counter.

Artifact (Arcade Note)
After killing Purchlak, head up to the second floor of the arcade section and you’ll find this artifact on the wall at the back.


Journal Entry (Owen Moore Firefly Pendant)
Head into the kitchen area after you find the surgical table and you’ll see a duffle bag lying on the floor to your left. Examine it and you’ll draw the pendant on your journal.