The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3 Walkthrough

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3 is quite a long day, having three different sections...

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3 is quite a long day, having three different sections to it. Your mission on this day in TLOU 2 is to make your way to the Aquarium. But of course, this isn’t as easy as it seems.

To help you complete this day and reach the aquarium, we have prepared this Last of Us 2 chapter 4 guide.

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3

If you want to know about the various collectibles scattered throughout TLoU 2 chapter 4, check out our Seattle Day 3 collectibles guide for detailed locations of each one.

Road to the Aquarium

‘Road to the Aquarium’ is the first stage in Chapter 4, where your main goal is to obtain a boat and flee the area. You’ll encounter a lot of obstacles in your path, and by obstacles, I mean mostly those pesky WLF soldiers.

The Theatre

You start off this stage inside a theatre’s back dressing room. Before you exit this theatre and meet up with Jesse, make sure to grab all the Collectibles here.

The Red Building
When you interact with Jesse, a series of cutscenes will play. After they finish, go along with Jesse towards the red-colored building.

As you’re heading there, you’ll see an open gate to your right. Go inside there, grab the supplies and head back out to continue your journey.

When you reach this building, smash the window using a bottle or brick and head inside. Grab all the loot you see here, especially from the kitchen and bathroom.

There will be some more Collectibles here for you to grab. Once you’re done getting them, go through the blue-colored doors and you’ll see a bookshelf in front of you.

There is a hidden passage behind it, so move this bookshelf with the help of Jesse.

WLF Soldiers Fight
This passage will lead you outside, where you’ll see a whole squad of WLF soldiers.

Quickly get behind cover and carefully listen to their sounds, as all of these soldiers will not be within your field of view. This will give you a good idea of how many of them there are.

The first soldier you need to eliminate is that one on the crate. The others will be alarmed as soon as you kill him, so prepare yourself before doing so.

Right as you kill him, kill the soldier adjacent to him so he doesn’t get a chance to retaliate.

Now, all the soldiers will try to rush you. This can actually be a really good thing for you if you have the stun bomb.

If you throw it properly, you’ll be able to eliminate quite a few of them easily.

If there are any left, just get behind cover and slowly take them out one by one using your pistol or bow. After the coast is clear, grab all the loot from the buildings there.

Getting to The Bookstore
After you’re done looting, move towards the flooded area up the road. You’ll see an abandoned building to your left which used to host comic conventions.

Head inside and move forward to find a blue vehicle.

Jump on top of this vehicle and you’ll be able to head through the little opening up there. After doing that, travel past the cars and then get on top of the semi-truck there.

Get on top of this vehicle too, dive into the water and swim ahead. When your path gets blocked by some logs and debris, swim under it and reach the metal catwalk above.

You have to now get inside the bookstore by climbing up the blue tarp with the help of Jesse

Once you’re inside the Bookstore, head up to the second floor and you’ll see a hole in the ground. Hop in and you’ll arrive in an open area.

More WLF Soldiers
Once you’re outside, you’ll see a lot of WLF soldiers in front of you once again. The most challenging part about this fight are the dogs.

Start off by killing these dogs’ owners and then kill the dogs. Use your arrows so the dogs don’t make noise.

There is a sniper to the west, so you need to move carefully here. It’s best to hold crouch as you move through the grass towards soldiers on your left.

Save the sniper for last. You can use your hunting rifle to eliminate him. Once the coast is clear, grab all the loot you can from this area.

Getting a Boat
After you’re done with the soldiers, go inside the building and head upstairs. Go up the scaffolding and make your way towards the river. You’ll now have to steal a boat.

Follow Jesse and he’ll take you inside a building. After you crawl under the wreckage, move the debris and then continue through the door.

Jump into the water and follow Jesse. You’ll eventually reach a rope that you can use to climb up, which will then trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene is over, dive into the water and you’ll see the boat that you need to steal.

There will be quite a few hostiles around this boat, but you don’t need to get rid of them all to steal the boat. You just need to bait them away from the boat so you can steal it.

The enemies are present on all the floors of this mall, so you’ll need to listen carefully to get an idea of where they might be.

If you start to take too much damage, you can dive underwater. You’ll still be visible to the enemies, but they won’t be as aggressive towards you.

You can also dive underwater to switch up your position and attack them from another angle.

The best tools to use in this fight are the stun bombs and shotguns. You can’t fight them stealthily since there are so many of them, but you do need to use cover effectively.

After killing all the enemies in this area, get into the boat and move straight ahead to complete the ‘Road to the Aquarium’ stage of Seattle Day 3.

The Flooded City

You’ll start off the second stage (The Flooded City) in The Last of Us 2 in your boat next to a sunken ice cream van. Before you move forward, face the ice cream van and then turn around.

You’ll see some running water in front of you. To your left, there is some dry land which you can get on and then loot the area for supplies.

After doing so, return back to where you started. You’ll see a broken fence near the ice cream van. You can go straight through here and continue moving forward.

When you reach the building area, you’ll see some more dry land to your right. There will be some ammunition and a melee weapon for you there.

After grabbing the weapon, get back in your boat and keep moving forward. You’ll come across a broken barbed wire fence adjacent to some furniture and lamps.

Go through this fence as well and go down to find the Warehouse.

The Warehouse
As you get near the Warehouse, you’ll see a building inhabited by the Seraphites. Head into their base and prepare yourself for a fight.

They’ll arrive armed with guns and they’ll be on different levels of the building. Though, it does seem like most of them spawn in the upper levels.

If you use your mines and molotovs efficiently, this fight can be a walk in the park for you. You shouldn’t use up your ammo or health kits because this isn’t even the most difficult fight in this stage.

The Arcade
After you clean up all the Seraphites, jump back into your boat and sail towards the arcade. Go inside the arcade and head up the stairs.

You’ll find a cart here with some boxes inside it. Push this cart towards the door ahead and drop down to the area below.

Here, you’ll encounter a Bloater. This enemy has a lot of health, so you’ll need to use all the tools you have in your arsenal to take it down.

Make use of your mines and molotovs to weaken the Bloater. Use your shotgun on him when he’s stunned to finish him off.

After you defeat him, a mutant runner will show up. The runner will die on its own, so just run around the area until he does.

After the runner is dead, open up the metal shutter and pull out the metal pipe which blocking the chain. Jump down and open the gate by interacting with the chain. Hop back into your boat and make your way straight ahead.

You’ll eventually lose your boat as you get close to the Ferris Wheel. Just keep swimming until you arrive at the land. Once you do, the second stage of Seattle Day 3 will be completed.


When you start the third and final stage of Seattle Day 3, head to the gate on the far right of the pier. Crouch under the little opening in the door and then get on top of the machine.

Jump down into the aquarium and use your flashlight to locate an orange dolly. This dolly will be adjacent to a blue tarp, which you need to get over.

After doing so, go between the walls and crawl through the hole in the concrete to your right.

Go up the ladder ahead and then jump down onto the yellow container. There will be some loot in this area so make sure to get that first before moving forward.

After getting your loot, head through the open gate. Get inside the vent behind you and then jump down when you reach the other side. You’ll be attacked by a dog here, but you just need to spam the square button to kill it.

Now, enter the surgical room and then go through the door to your left into the kitchen area. Look for the door with a crab on it and go inside to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you’ll spawn in the theatre again. Interact with Jesse and Tommy the final cutscene of TLOU 2 Chapter 4 Seattle Day 3.