The Last of Us Part 2 All Journal Entries Locations Guide

TLoU2 has a number of collectibles to be found during your playthrough. In this guide on The Last of Us...

TLoU2 has a number of collectibles to be found during your playthrough. In this guide on The Last of Us Part 2 All Journal Entries Locations, we’ll be discussing their specific locations.

The Last of Us Part 2 All Journal Entries Locations

These little lore pieces are intriguing, and some are even clever throwbacks to the original The Last of Us so collecting these journal entries should be a must for anyone who is a fan of the world-building.

In the guide below, we have listed all the journal entries in TLoU 2, categorized by the chapters during which you can find them.

Keep in mind that these Last of Us Part 2 journal entries locations are for Ellie only, and the descriptions below could contain spoilers so tread lightly.

Chapter 1: Jackson

Waking Up

Journal Entry #1
An unmissable entry, as it is added to your journal. It’s regarding Dina’s kiss during the dance.


Journal Entry #1
When you get off the horse for the first time, a cutscene will initiate where Dina takes in the view; after you regain control, you can find the entry in front of you.

Journal Entry #2
Break a window to go to the children’s area in the library and you can find the journal entry to your right next to the giraffe toy.

Packing Up

Journal Entry #1
In Joel’s house when you interact with the mug, a journal entry will be automatically added.

Journal Entry #2
Interact with the guitar in the room on the second floor to get the second journal entry.

Chapter 2: Seattle (Day 1) Journal Entries

The Gate

Journal Entry #1
Eventually riding with Dina, you’ll reach a gate with “Trespassers killed on sight”. Go up to it and an entry will be added to your journal.

Downtown Seattle

Journal Entry #1
You will be visiting the Synagogue eventually as a part of the story. After climbing to the upper level using a rope, swing across to the platform on the left side and go through the door.

Open the drawer and pick up the Artifact to note down a new entry in your journal.

Journal Entry #2
The second entry is found at the checkpoint gate. Go up the guard post and head into the post closest to the tent. Open the drawer and pick up the Artifact, once you put it away, you’ll gain another entry.

The Tunnels

Journal Entry #1
After killing the Shamblers, get close to either of the bodies to note down a new journal entry.

The Birthday Gift

Journal Entry #1
At the entrance of the museum, there is a large dinosaur statue, you can get an entry by interacting with the nameplate.

Journal Entry #2
Make your way through the museum, and by the benches arranged in a circle, you can find the second journal entry. It’s just past the model rockets.

Chapter 3: Seattle (Day 2)


Journal Entry #1
After the truck drives away, jump down and you can find a coffee shop. To its left is some graffiti, interact with the banner to get an entry.

Finding Strings

Journal Entry #1
You can find this one at the very start, look to your right, and interact with the edge to gain an entry.

The Seraphites

Journal Entry #1
In the open street, head back to the conference center. You can find some graffiti on the ground floor at the back, interact with it to get an entry.

Journal Entry #2
As Ellie uses the dumpster to climb over the locked gate, she will add the entry to her journal automatically, unmissable.

Journal Entry #3
The final journal entry for this chapter in The Last of Us 2 can be found during your encounter with the Seraphites in the park.

After your fight, you will reach the main road and at its end, you can interact with a corpse to gain the final entry in this chapter.

Chapter 4: Seattle (Day 3) Journal Entries

Road to Aquarium

Journal Entry #1
When you drop into the dark bookstore, go to the right corner of the room, and you can find some mushrooms on the wall; interact with them to get a journal entry in TLoU 2.

The Flooded City

Journal Entry #1
The journal entry in this chapter can be found at the very first chain gate. Head to the left and climb up the stairs to the walkway. You can find another journal entry on the window here.


Journal Entry #1
Once you kill the dog, exit the room using the door and turn right to head into another kitchen area. Interact with the blue duffel bag to add another entry to your journal along with a firefly pendant.

Chapter 9: Santa Barbara

Pushing Inland

Journal Entry #1
Once you exit the mansion go underneath the surrounding wall which will unlock the journal entry, it’s a part of your story’s progress.

The Resort

Journal Entry #1
Once you’re done fighting with the Rattlers, look for the train tracks and you can find a van blocking the rail route. Painted on the side is a logo, interact with it to unlock another journal entry.

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