The Last of Us Part 2 Safe Codes, Locations and Combinations

Our The Last Of Us 2 Safe Locations Guide will walk you through all safe locations in The Last Of Us 2 and what they contain

Finding collectibles and obtaining additional items in The Last Of Us 2 has its perks and advantages. One source for these collectibles are safes that contain useful items such as weapons, upgrades and supplements. Our The Last Of Us 2 Safe Locations Guide will walk you through all safe locations in The Last Of Us 2 along with the codes and combinations to unlock them.

The Last of Us Part 2 Safe Locations

There are 14 Safes to find in The Last of Us 2, each with distinct content varying from weapons to spare parts to supplements.

Finding and unlocking all 14 safes in TLoU 2 will earn you the Safecracker Trophy.

Chapter 1: Jackson

Safe #1 – Chapter 4: Patrol
Location: Shopping Mall Office
Safe Code Combination: 07-20-13

In the room with the Employee of the Month billboard, the safe is on the left side of a desk that holds an artefact. This is when you have to wear a mask to be safe of the spores.

You’ll find the combination on the board as the date that the boy becomes Employee of the Month.

Content: Spare Parts and Supplement Pills.

Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1

Safe #2 – Chapter 9: Downtown
Location: Underground Bank Vault
Safe Code Combination: 60-23-06

In an open area in Seattle, you’ll find a collapsed bank building. Enter it through a shattered wall. The safe is a vault door on the far side of the room.

You’ll find the combination written on a note there.

Content: Shotgun

Safe #3 – Chapter 9: Downtown
Location: West Gate 2
Safe Code Combination: 04-51

The West Gate 2 is on the west side of the map on Madison Street opposite to the Courthouse. You must squeeze through a small opening to get to where the safe is.

The combination is the checkpoint gate code.

Safe #4 – Chapter 9: Downtown
Location: Courthouse
Safe Code Combination: 86-07-22

Inside the Courthouse, you’ll come across a couple of dead FEDRA with a window beside them. Break the window to enter it and find the safe there.

You’ll find the code on a whiteboard nearby.

Safe #5 – Chapter 11: Capitol Hill
Location: Thrift Store
Safe Code Combination: 55-01-35

In Capitol Hill, there is an area replete with trip wires. In this area, you’ll find a Thrift Store. The safe is in a room near some shelves and a red ladder.

The combination is the numbers written on the wall of the bathroom.

Chapter 3: Seattle Day 2 Safe Locations

Safe #6 – Chapter 16: Hill Crest
Location: Tattoo Parlor Garage
Safe Code Combination: 30-82-65

Find the tattoo parlor or a hair salon in Hill Crest that has a garage beside it. The door of the garage is blocked by a dumpster that you must move in order to open the gate. Inside, the safe is on a side, you may encounter some Runners in there that you must be ready to deal with.

The code will be found in a Pet Store nearby, written on a note placed on a table.

Content: Long Gun Holster

Safe #7 – Chapter 18: Seraphites
Location: Hotel Opp. of Hospital
Safe Code Combination: 08-10-83

In a room inside the hotel, the safe is held in wardrobe on the left side of the entrance door. The hint for the code is on the calendar by the bedside, interact to find out.

The code is the wedding date of the previous resident. The calendar gives the date of the 30th anniversary, deduct 30 years from the date to get the code.

Content: Supplements

Safe #8 – Chapter 18: Seraphites
Location: Weston’s Pharmacy
Safe Code Combination: 38-55-23

Really easy to find inside the Weston’s Pharmacy that you comeby at after you encounter the pickaxe boss.

Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3

Safe #9 – Chapter 21: Flood City
Location: Flooded Building
Safe Code Combination: 70-12-64

When you get in the building using the boat, search the area to find a room that has a dead guy in it. In the body, you’ll find an artefact. Move the trolley there to crawl into another area which holds the safe.

The dead guy holds the combination for the safe.

Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1 (Abby) Safe Locations

Safe #10 – Chapter 25: On Foot
Location: Large Warehouse
Safe Code Combination: 17-38-07

Exit the warehouse and go to the building directly in front to find the safe by crawling through a crack in there.

The combination is on the lottery ticket hanging on a board in the other building opposite to this one.

Content: Hunting Pistol

Safe #11 – Chapter 28: Hostile Territory
Location: Jasmine Bakery
Safe Code Combination: 68-96-89

You’ll find the safe in the Jasmine Bakery on the street where there are shops lined up.

Safe #12 – Chapter 31: The Coast
Location: Cruise Boat
Safe Code Combination: 90-77-01

Find the safe in the Sun Deck of the boat near the wheel. You’ll also encounter shambler in this area so be prepared.

Chapter 7: Seattle Day 2 (Abby)

Safe #13 – Chapter 33: The Shortcut
Location: Apartment Building
Safe Code Combination: 30-23-04

In room 302 of the Apartment Building, you’ll find the safe in the bedroom opposite to the whiteboard.

The combination of the safe is the number of this room and the room opposite to it put together since both the rooms have been communicating via notes.

Safe #14 – Chapter 34: The Descent
Location: The Gym
Safe Code Combination: 12-18-79

The safe is inside the cleaning closet just beside the door, on the far side of the gym left of the door that leads to the staircase.

The combination for this Last of Us Part 2 safe is the wifi code.

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