Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – To The Kingdom Of Hyrule Quest Guide

You need to reach a town called Lookout Landing to complete the 'To the Kingdom of Kyrule' quest in Tears of the Kingdom.

After finally finishing The Closed Door for the main Find Princess Zelda quest, you can leave The Great Sky Island at last and head down to the Hyrule Kingdom.

After touching down, you will need to head on over to a town called Lookout Landing. This begins the To The Kingdom of Hyrule quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

There’s not much to do in the quest in terms of objectives for this quest, but you will need to traverse vast expanses of land. This means you may encounter some enemies on your way.

How to start the Kingdom of Hyrule quest

To the Kingdom of Hyrule quest start location in Tears of the Kingdom

The quest begins automatically after exploring the Temple of Time. You will see the Master Sword disappear before your eyes and you will hear Zelda’s voice telling you to find her. After this, head outside and approach the lookout area towering over the lands below.

The quest will begin automatically then and you will receive the notification of it on your screen.

Take a dive

Next, you have to go down and the fastest way to do so is to jump. Take off from the edge and fall down below. Don’t worry, there will be a body of water at the end to break your fall and you will land safely. Once you do, climb out of the water by approaching the edge.

From here, you need to head north to find the Lookout Landing town. It’s a long journey so it’s best if you can tame a horse or a mount. The coordinates for this place are as follows -0251, 0151, 0026.

Find Purah

Once you get to the town, take a right and climb the stairs past the entry gate. Your first target is a white-haired woman name Josha. Talk to her and go through the dialogue options. Sometime later, Purah will walk out and meet you.

You will catch up and recap what happened between the previous game and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. She will then tell you to head North and join a search party by Hyrule Castle. This will end the To The Kingdom Of Hyrule quest and begin Crisis at Hyrule Castle.

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