Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – The Closed Door Walkthrough

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Closed Door quest gives you access to three abilities and the rest of Hyrule. Here is how to do it!

Once you have found the Temple of Time as part of the main quest called Find Princess Zelda, you will have to find a way to open its closed door in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

This is going to be part of a subquest called The Closed Door where you will acquire several abilities which you’ll use throughout your journey. In the end, you will gain access to the rest of Hyrule.

Here we will be walking you through The Closed Door main quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. 

The Closed Door – how to complete all objectives

As you interact with the Temple of Time door, you will start a conversation with Raura who is an NPC that claims he is responsible for replacing your arm.

He says that you need to power up your arm before you can open the door to the temple. In order to do that, you need to visit three shrines.

These will be marked by green light coming out of them from the top. The objectives of this quest are as follows:

Mark the Shrines

Raura will tell you to mark the location of the shrines using your Scope. The exact points of these shrines are marked on the map below and you can simply mark them there. Or, you can take out your scope and mark them using that. The shrines are:

These shrines are easily found by looking for buildings with green light coming out from the top. Once done, proceed with the first shrine.

Solve the Shrines

You will then need to go to these shrines and complete them. The three shrines are as follows:

  • Ukouh Shrine: Atop a mountain at the side of the Temple of Time. 
  • In-Isa Shrine: On an Island southwestern side of the Temple of Time (Requires you to craft a boat) 
  • Gutanbac Shrine: At the southeastern side of the Temple of Time. 

In the Ukuoh Shrine, you need to use your Ultrahand ability to create ramps to cover the gaps.

For the In-Isa Shrine, you will need to use your Fusion ability to fuse materials with your weapons and cross obstacles.

In the Gutanbac Shrine, you need to make use of your Ultrahand ability to make boats, and Ascend ability to rise to the shrine area.

You can read our detailed guides for each shrine to learn more.

Open the closed door

Once all shrines are done, you need to go back to the Temple of Time and open the closed door.

You can take a Bird Machine from outside the Gutanbac Shrine to get there faster. Attach a fan to it to make it fly the distance and then fly the distance.

Once at the temple, go back to the closed door and interact with it to open it. This marks the end of the Closed Door quest.

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