Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom The Duchess Who Disappeared Walkthrough

In "The Duchess Who Disappeared", you have to find Selmie who is trapped in a cave in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In the “Duchess Who Disappeared” side quest, you must track down Selmie in Tears of the Kingdom who has gone missing while traveling in coach.

To make matters worse, Selmie is not alone. Fin who went out searching for the coach has gone missing as well. You need to find their trail and confirm what happened to them.

Completing this side quest will reward you with a Strong Zonaite Shield. That’s as good a reward as any.

How to start The Duchess Who Disappeared in Zelda: TotK

Take note that there is a prerequisite to this side quest. If you have not completed the Regional Phenomena main quest in Rito Village, you will not be able to pick The Duchess Who Disappeared in Tears of the Kingdom.

Head over to Selmie’s Spot which is a mountain lodge located at coordinates -2953, 3141, 0572 on the western mountain slopes of Hebra. This is a pretty high location to reach. The best way is to simply head over to the Wind Temple and paraglide your down to Selmie’s Spot.

After reaching Selmie’s Spot, you will need to find the Brion Snowshelf. This is on the right side of the mountain. From there, move forward to find a small plateau located on the cliffs nearby.


Once you reach above the cliff, you will find Fin standing next to the fire. Speak with him and he will give you the quest to find “The Duchess Who Disappeared” in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to complete The Duchess Who Disappeared in Zelda: TotK

It turns out that Selmie is stuck somewhere inside the East Biron Snowshelf Cave. It is not going to be difficult to find the cave because its entrance is literally just below you and Fin. Nonetheless, if you are lost, the coordinates of the Snowshelf Cave are -3557, 3088, 0274.

Something to note here is that there are two entrances to the cave. The aformentioned coordinates are for the obviously quickest entrance to reach. If you head over to the coordinates -3983, 3066, 0142 a bit further down, you will discover another entrance to East Biron Snowshelf Cave.

Head inside the cave and you will find rocks and rubble blocking your path. Simply use your Bomb Flower arrows to clear the way and follow the path deeper into the cave.

You will eventually find Selmie and she will thank you for rescuing her from the cave. She will ask you to meet her at her place which you can easily do by fast traveling to Rutafu-Um Shrine. From there you have to take yourself towards the north.

When you reach her house, speak with her to complete the “Duchess Who Disappeared” quest in Tears of the Kingdom. She will reward you with a Strong Zonaite Sheild, and ask you to join her in the Shield Surfing Race.

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