Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Tadarok Shrine Walkthrough

It is time to explore some hidden shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and from our list of all Shrines, we are going to pick the Tadarok Shrine in the River of Dead Waterfall Cave. This guide will walk you through how you can find the shrine and how you can solve the puzzle to unlock it.

Where to find the Tadarok Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Tadarok Shrine can be found at the exact coordinates of -1079, -2185, and 0129 in Tears of the Kingdom, but even those are not enough because getting to the entrance of the shrine is still going to be a problem.

The Tadarok Shrine is located inside the River of the Dead Waterfall Cave in the Great Plateau Region.

The first step is to get inside the cave and from there it will be easy to get to the shrine. To get inside the cave, you will have to stand at the edge of the cliff (marked on the map) at the place where the River of the Dead starts.

Right below you will be a waterfall. Jump off the side of the cliff and use your paraglider to go backward through the waterfall.

Once you get past it, a few steps later, you will be inside the River of the Dead Waterfall Cave. Keep going straight and you will find the Tadarok Shrine.


How to complete the Tadarok Shrine in Zelda: TotK

The first thing you will see as soon as you enter the shrine is a gap filled with water. Don’t try to jump inside because the water will give you the shock of your lifetime, literally. Instead, use the block next to you, place it inside the water, and then you can cross it.

After reaching the other side, take the block out of the water and use it to block the flames towards the left side of them.

Once the flames are blocked, another block made of ice will drop from above and you can pick it up using Ultrahand and place it next to the pillar in the top left corner of the room.

Get on top of the block and then onto the pillar with the chest on it. Inside the chest will be a Mighty Zonite Shield. Once again, pick the block you used to stop the flames from melting the ice and place it in front of the flames on the platform right above the water, at the very front of the room.

This time you can use Ultrahand to take out the circular orb out of the water and doing this will stop the flow of current in the water. Now place the ice cube next to the other block on the platform and stand under it and use Ascend to get to the top.

Once you are on the platform, use ultrahand to raise the ice block in the air while standing on the other block.

Afterward, you can stand on top of the ice block, use Recall and it will take you to the upper level of the shrine. That’s where you can unlock the Tadarok Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

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