How To Get Strong Zonaite Longsword In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Strong Zonaite Longsword is a weapon of choice for zonai construct soldiers, and it offers massive destructive power to handle early-game sections.

In terms of two-handed weapons, you will find a lot of options as you progress in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and the Strong Zonaite Longsword is an excellent one.

The reason is that this large 2H-Weapon is made from Zonaite and has the passive ability to resonate with attached Zonai devices as well. This way, it tends to increase some of its attack power.

Regarding base stats, the Strong Zonaite Longsword has a Base Attack of (10). Moreover, you can also fuse more than 70 items with this Longsword to create even more destructive weapons.

Some of the common places that you will stumble across this two-handed longsword will be the Thunderhead Isles and the Lanayru Sky. However, to get the Strong Zonaite Longsword from these areas, you will have to do some exploration as well.

Strong Zonaite Longsword Locations

If you haven’t discovered this weapon from the places mentioned above, then you can simply proceed towards completing certain shrines to find the Strong Zonaite Longsword in Zelda: TotK. These will include the following shrines:

Zanmik Shrine

You can get the Zonaite Longsword after you enter the Zanmik Shrine and find the chest buried with orbs. So all you need to do next is open that chest, and you will get your reward in Zelda: TotK.

Sibajitak Shrine

Similar to acquiring the Zonaite Longsword at the Zanmik Shrine, this time around, you will get your hands on another one in the Sibajitak Shrine in the game.

This time, you will have to complete some tasks like aligning the first two pillars, after which you can ascend and find the chest waiting above. So, by unlocking the chest, the Zonaite Longsword will be yours for the taking.

These two shrines will definitely guarantee you the Strong Zonaite Longsword, so make sure to explore them and don’t miss them in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The northeast side of Deep Akkala

Similarly, regarding open exploration, you can head northeast from the Deep Akkala region in Zelda: TotK. After reaching the ledge, you will see a tower across the water, so you need to access that tower from the rear.

To do this, you need to ascend through the ceiling to get into the tower. Once inside, you will find a Strong Zonaite Longsword inside, so you can simply add it to your inventory.

Wellspring Island

Wellspring Island is in Lanayru Sky, right above Zora Domain. Travel to its southeastern part, which is adjacent to the Fish Scale Island. Drop down and glide backward to enter the lower level of Wellspring Island.


As you progress through the story, all Strong Zonaite Longswords will be replaced with Mighty Zonaite Longswords. This is the only one you can get later in the game, and it respawns after every Blood Moon.

There, you will notice a zonai soldier construct. You can either defeat or ignore it. The Strong Zonaite Longsword can be looted from behind it.

Strong Zonaite Longsword Stats

Strong Zonaite Longsword has a passive ability, Zonaite-Powered, that allows its damage to increase by 10 when it is fused with a Zonai Device. We recommend attaching it with a zonai rocket to increase the damage output exponentially.

  • Affiliation: Zonai people
  • Weapon Type: Bladed-Edge (two-handed)
  • Base Damage: 10
  • Passive Ability: Zonaite-Powered
  • Hyrule Compendium Number: 402
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