Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Sidon At Ploymus Mountain Location

After solving Zora's statue, Link must find Sidon who is somewhere on the top of Polymus Mountain in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link is tasked with many adventurous quests including finding the root of the ongoing disaster by venturing through the 4 allied cities. One of these cities is Zora, the region of aquatic folk that is plagued by sludge.

Sidon is not a new name to the fans of Zelda, as he used to be the Prince of Zora and Link’s best friend in the previous version. In Tears of the Kingdom, he is now Zora’s King and the Sidon of Zora main quest is related to him.

This quest begins after the ‘Sludge-Covered Statue quest in which Link finds himself in the domain of Zora talking to Lady Yona who is Sidon’s fiancée.

Lady Yona and her allies inform Link about Zora’s historical statue being covered in sludge. Link solves this problem by using a Splash fruit. Lady Yona then thanks Link and asks him to go and meet Sidon at the peak of Ploymus Mountain.

This begins the ‘Meet Sidon at Ploymus Mountain’ objective of Sidon of Zora’s quest.

Where to find Sidon in Tears of the Kingdom

Yona mentions Sidon’s current location to be the ‘Mipha Court’ which is marked on the Totk map below.

Sidon's location in Polymus Mountain in Tears of the Kingdom

Mipha Court is at the top of Ploymus Mountain and it is a strenuous climb that will take up loads of your stamina. But do not worry, there is another way to reach Sidon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

This alternative path is a bit longer but it is much easier and milder than climbing straight up the mountains.

The first step is to exit Zora and make your way to the Tal Tal Peak. You can do this by taking the eastern bridge till you reach a mountain wall with a flight of stairs to ascend.

Go upstairs and you will see another mountain in front of you. This is the Tal Tal Peak. From here, you need to continue northwest and just keep on going straight till you reach the Mipha Court of Lanayru Great Spring.

This is where you will meet your long-lost friend Sidon. But before meeting him, there is another important thing you can do which is unlocking the Ihen-a Shrine.

This shrine is present just as you enter Mipha Court and the first thing you need to do is to clear the sludge on it by throwing a Splash Fruit.

Now, you can unlock it by building a flying bridge using the Ultra Hand ability. Make it to the last room of the shrine to restore your HP and unlock the shrine.

After unlocking the shrine, you can now move on to meeting Sidon who will be bathing here in a fountain pool, and his guard Gaddison will tell you that he will be delighted on your arrival. Head forward and you will see Sidon waiting for you with his arms open.

This will start a cut scene in which Sidon will ask you to talk to Historian Jiahto at Toto Lake who might have information about Zelda. This will be the new objective now in Sidon of Zora quest of Zelda: Totk

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