Jiotak Shrine Walkthrough In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Jiotak shrine is another one of the many Tears of the Kingdom shrine locations that reward players for exploring, and...

Jiotak shrine is another one of the many Tears of the Kingdom shrine locations that reward players for exploring, and going out of their way to find them.

Before making your journey to the Eldin region to find this elusive shrine, make sure to buy the Flamebreaker armor from Goron City Armor shop or catch some Fireproof Lizards to create Fireproof elixirs. Remove all the weapons and shields that can catch on fire easily.

Where to find the Jiotak Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Jiotak Shrine is hidden inside the Isle of Rabac Gallery in Eldin Region. Isle of Rabac’s exact location is marked on the map, and it is to the North of Darunia Lake and West of Lake Darman. Its coordinates on the map are 1590, 3077, 0392.

How to complete Jiotak Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Jiotak Shrine can only be accessed by riding trolley carts in Isle of Rabac Gallery. Place a trolley on the metallic rails and attach a zonai fan device to it (please refer to the picture).

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Jiotak Shrine

Get in the trolley and hit the fan. This will make the trolley move forward on the metallic rails. Beware of the Fire Keese in the path and be on guard all the time.

Halfway through, you will notice a switchboard in the shape of a target practice. Hit the board with an arrow to make the trolley change its path and turn left.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Jiotak Shrine

Keep going straight and look to you right. There is a broken rail from where the trolley will fall on the lower ones. Don’t be alarmed. Just keep looking to the right.

As soon as you notice a shrine, jump from the trolley and glide toward it. You need to be fast or the trolley will take you somewhere else. Climb the wall leading to the Jiotak shrine and interact with the zonai device to activate it.

Enter the shrine in Zelda TotK to receive Rauru’s blessing. Completing such a treacherous trek and finding your way to Jiotak shrine has already proven your worth.

Open the treasure chest in the center of the room to obtain a Magic Scepter reward. Interact with the statue of Rauru and Sonia to receive a Light of Blessing. This marks the end of Jiotak Shrine in Zelda TotK.

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