Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins Walkthrough

In "Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins", you need to solve three mini-puzzles in the ruins for rewards in Tears of the Kingdom.

The legendary Dusk Claymore is a two-handed weapon that cuts down enemies like butter. To get it, you need to complete the “Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins” side adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to unlock Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins in Zelda: TotK

The road to unlocking “Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins” is a long and hard one in Tears of the Kingdom. This is because you need to first clear all four of the Fire, Wind, Water, and Lightning Temples.

Once you are done with that daunting task, make your way to the Thyphlo Ruins near the Skyview Tower north of Hyrule Forest. The coordinates are 0361, 3102, 0174.

Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

Here you will find a Hylian traveler called Kazul.  Talk to him and see as he explains how he alone is unable to investigate the Ruins and needs your assistance. Accept the invite and start the Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins side adventure.

How to complete Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins in Zelda: TotK

After accepting the side adventure, head over to the monolith next to Kazu’s tent and start examining them. As you examine the monolith, you will be given a mini side quest per table to complete using one of the Sages. Below we have explained how to complete the mini-side quests of each monolith.

Monolith #1: The Owl Protected by Dragons

There is an owl statue behind the monoliths that you need to get to by heading up the fences. The owl marks a little puzzle that you need to complete.

Using your Sage of Wind, redirect the wind toward the statue. This will solve the puzzle and reveal a stone room nearby. Loot the chest inside for 3x Sapphires.

Monolith #2: The Corridor Between Two Dragons

The next monolith can be found in the western parts of the Thyphlo Ruins in Tears of the Kingdom. There you will come across two large dragon statues.

Here, you need to use Sage of Fire to shoot the Yunobo between the statues to solve the puzzle. That will reveal another room nearby with a chest that gives you 3x Ruby.

Monolith #3: The Six Dragons

Reach the northwestern side of the Skyview Tower to find six dragon statues. Use the Sage of Water Sidon and charge attack the third dragon statue from the left to reveal the stone room.

Loot the chest inside the room to get rewarded with 5x Opal to complete the quest.  

Monolith #4: The Long Dragon

Got to the southeastern side of the Skyview Tower to find a dragon statue. Find a platform on the ground surrounded by pillars.

Use Sage of Lightning Riju and hit shoot a bow on the platform to reveal the stone room with the chest inside. Loot the chest to acquire 3x Topaz to finish the quest.

Collect the Reward

As you complete all four monolith mini side quests, an underground dungeon will spawn and inside of which will be a chest you can loot. Looting the final chest will reward you with 1x Dusk Claymore Sword.

Head over to the left of the dungeon to find another monolith. Interact with it to start a conversation with Kazul to get rewarded with 1x Large Zonai Charge, 1x Big Battery, and 1x Diamond.

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