How To Defeat Igneo Talus Boss In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Igneo Talus as the name suggests is a molten lava Talus in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and one of the toughest bosses to defeat..

Igneo Talus is a boulder shaped mini-boss in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Igneo Talus has adapted its body to survive the extreme weather of Death Mountain by covering itself with molten lava but has retained the weaknesses of its other brethren. Of all the Talus enemies you will come across in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Igneo Talus offers the toughest challenge due to its expanded arsenal and relentless attacks.

Igneo Talus uses the surroundings to its advantage which means you need to be protected against Lava. But don’t lose heart, we are here to help guide you through the Igneo Talus boss battle in Zelda TotK.

Zelda TotK Igneo Talus location

Igneo Talus can be found in Eldin Canyon and Eldin Canyon Depths of the Eldin Region. One location where an Igneo Talus can be found without fault is Death Mountain East Tunnel, during “The Death Caldera Crystal” shrine quest.

The position of this tunnel is marked on the map and its exact location is to the Northeast of Death Mountain. Its coordinates on the map are 2751, 2768, 0521.

Igneo Talus’ attacks and weaknesses

Igneo Talus are extremely formidable foes, and you should approach them with extreme caution. Equip upgraded Flamebreaker Armor to avoid burn damage.

We recommend collecting a lot of Ice Flowers and White Chuchu jellies to create ice arrows. Both items can be obtained from Tabantha Tundra. Fuse powerful dual-handed weapons like Royal Claymores with Black Boss Bokoblin Horn.

Igneo Talus has a variety of attacks that can deal massive damage if connect. It throws its arms like a boulder if you try to maintain your distance. In case of closeup fights, Igneo Talus ground slams its head to the sides and rotates its arms in a 360-degree motion. It also slams its hands on the ground to create an AoE explosion.

Another weakness of Igneo Talus is Sidon’s water-slash attack. This cools down the Igneo Talus body instantly. Hitting any part of Igneo Talus body that is on fire with water or Ice attacks, will instantly put it in stun locked state. So, we recommend completing Sidon of the Zora quest as early as possible to unlock this Sage ability.

How to defeat Igneo Talus in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The boss fight with Igneo Talus is basically a one-phase battle. All Talus enemies have a massive Black Mineral Ore on their backs that serve as their life force. Your objective here is to hit the crystal to deal the damage to Igneo Talus.

Igneo Talus body is covered in lava and there is no way for Link to climb it. Start the fight with Ice arrows using Ice Flower. This will bring the Igneo Talus to its knees and temporarily freeze the lava. Climb its body and start hitting the Black Crystal with your best weapons.

Igneo talus will soon shake its body to throw Link away. This causes minor physical damage. You can always glide away before this happens. This will enrage Igneo Talus resulting in it throwing one of its hands as a fire boulder. Use the Recall ability to return the arm back to Igneo Talus.

Igneo Talus will once again be stun locked after getting hit by its own burning hand. Use another ice arrow to cool its body and climb it as fast as you can. Start hitting the black crystal to chip away at the health of Igneo Talus.

Alternatively, you can hit the black crystal with Bomb Arrows from afar. Keep repeating this strategy until you take down this behemoth. Rewards for defeating Igneo Talus are Ruby, Flint and Amber gemstones. It also drops “Igneo Talus Heart” that can be fused to any weapon for +27 attack power

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