Where To Farm Hylian Pine Cones In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Hylian Pine Cone is an alternative to Ascend in Zelda: TotK.

The Hylian Pine Cone in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a resource that can help you a lot, especially in situations when Ascend is not helping. You can throw it in a fire to create Updrafts. After this, you can use your paraglider to reach places where Ascend can’t take you.

You can sell it for money or fuse it with weapons and shields if you have it in large quantities. Fusing it with gear will increase the attack power by 1, and other effects will depend on the gear. Moreover you can use it as a cooking material in dishes like Rock Hard Food.

The guide will tell you about the locations of Hylian pine cones and give tips on finding them.

Zelda Totk Hylian Pine Cone Locations

You can find Hylian Pine cones at multiple sites throughout the Hyrule. I will go through some of them so you can know where you can look for them.

Lucky Clover Gazette

The first place where you can go to farm Hylian Pine Cones is Lucky Clover Gazette. This place is next to Rito Village, south of the Hebra Mountains.

As you reach the sight, you explore this area and find Hylian Pince Cone on the surface. Looking under the tree is the best option to find them.

Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower

The tall Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower is the second location you should visit in your Hylian Pine Cone search. Move around the location, and you will find Hylian pine cones in a small radial field near the Tower. You can collect a good quantity of this resource from here.

Tabantha Frontier

These green lands are located west of Hebra. The area of the Tabanatha Frontier is mainly covered with greenery like Pine forests and mountains. The chances of finding the Hylian Pine Cones here in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are pretty high.

Hyrule Field

You can access this location easily after you gain access to the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. It will make it easy for you to navigate there. Hyrule Ridge is the area where you can find Hylian Pine Cones. The easter regions of Hyrule have Lanayru Great Spring, and due northwest, you have Hebra Mountains. Both of these locations also offer significant amounts of Hylian Pine Cones.

Tips for finding Hylian Pine Cone in Zelda TotK

The first tip in finding the Hylian Pine Cone is to keep cold-resistant armor and food with you. You can equip warm armor like the Snowquill armor set. This will help you gather a lot of Hylian Pine Cones in a harsh environment.

Cutting down trees in the Hylian Pine Cone-rich areas mentioned above significantly improves the possibility of gathering it. You can also use the Purah Pad in your quests to find the Hylian Pine Cone in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Camera and Sensor+ upgrades of this pad will help you a lot.

The pad can be beneficial as it lets you know an estimated location of the Hylian Pine Cone as you get close to it. This is very beneficial in areas where the Hylian Pine Cone can become camouflaged in the like-colored terrain.

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