Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Flute Player’s Plan Walkthrough

In "Flute Player's Plan", you have to track down a missing flute player for his band in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Flute Player’s Plan is a side adventure you will unlock in Tears of the Kingdom. During this side adventure, a boy named Pyper has caused an accidental fire while showing a girl named Haite, the glowing tree at the stable.

Now, it is your task to find the missing Pyper and solve this investigation. To show you how to find Pyper and complete the Flute Player’s Plan side adventure, we have prepared the following guide for you.

How to unlock Flute Player’s Plan in Zelda: TotK

Make your way southwest of Lookout Landing to reach Outskirt Stable to look for a band of musicians called the Stable Trotters. They will be near a stage, so you will not have a hard time finding them.

Speak to their conductor Mastro to know that one of their band members – the fluter player Pyper – has gone missing. Naturally, it is up to you to find where Pyper has disappeared to, and that too in time for their upcoming performance.

Once your conversation with Mastro is over, one of the stablehands will give you a hint that Pyper may have gone to Highland Stable with his little sister.

Flute Player's Plan location in Tears of the Kingdom

Head over there to find the tree outside the stable and climb atop to find Pyper playing his Flute. Talk to Pyper as he explains why he went missing due to causing a fire by accident. After talking to him, you will unlock the Flute Player’s Plan side adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


How to complete Flute Player’s Plan in Zelda: TotK

As you talk to Pyper, he explains the reason what caused the fire. Pyper wanted to show Haite a glowing tree but ended up causing a fire. Therefore, he asks you to bring him 10x Sunset Fireflies so he can show them to Haite once more. 

Collect the Sunset Fireflies

To find sunset fireflies, you must venture into the woods at night time. So, wait till it’s night to catch them. You can find a bunch of fireflies near the tent set up opposite to the stable.

However, you must head up the cliff behind the tents and glide your way down into the woods (Pagos, Faron, and Finra). Here you will find several fireflies to collect near the statues.  

It is recommended that you slowly approach the fireflies in a crouched position. This is a proven method of catching them.

Return to Pyper

After collecting all the required Sunset Fireflies, fast travel back to the Highland Stable. Talk to Pyper as he further tasks you with bringing Haite outside to the tree.  

Talk to Haite

After accepting the task from Pyper, sit by the Fire at the stable till its night again. Once it is night time head inside the stable and talk to Haite and convince her to follow you to the tree. As she starts following you, head up the tree and talk to Pyper.

This will trigger a cutscene where Pyper plays his Flute while all the Fireflies lighten up the tree. This will complete the Flute Player’s Plan and you will be rewarded with 1x Big Hearty Truffle.

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