Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom The Yiga Clan Exam Walkthrough

The Yiga Clan Exam in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a simple but long side adventure that has you place offerings at statues. Here is how!

 The Yiga Clan Exam in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a long and difficult side-adventure but the rewards are worth the effort. When you complete the Yiga Clan exam, you will receive a Ruby and an Eightfold Longblade. In this side adventure, you need to look for and find the Yiga clan set.

This set is scattered in different parts of Hyrule. We will now see how you can start the Yiga clan exam, where you can get the set, and how you can complete the side adventure.

How to unlock The Yiga Clan Exam in Zelda: TotK 

To start the Yiga Clan Exam, you will first need to find the Yiga Clan Set. This is to ensure you gain entry to the Yiga hideout. Here is where you’ll get the pieces.

Yiga Mask

Yiga Clan Mask location in Tears of the Kingdom

For the Yiga Mask, you need to travel to Northwest Lake Hylia and North of Mount Faloraa. You will find a small house protected by log spikes. Chop down a tree and use the Ultrahand ability to position it on the spikes and use it as a ramp. Climb past the spikes and knock on the door and the henchmen will come out and attack you. After the fight, move in and get the mask from the prisoner.

Yiga Clan Tights

Yiga Clan Tights location in Tears of the Kingdom

Next, travel to the Aldor Footholds in the Western Great Hyrule Forest. Here you will need to go into the cave. You will be spotted by the guards who you have to defeat. After doing so, Ascend to the room above the cave and you will find a prisoner and the Yiga Clan Tights.

Yiga Clan Armor

Yiga Clan Armor location in Tears of the Kingdom

Finally for the Yiga Armor, travel to the Northeastern part of the Akkala Highlands. Here you will need to find the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Same as before, when you knock on the lab’s door, the henchmen will come out and attack you. Defeat them and collect the Yiga Armor from the prisoner.


Find the hideout

Now, with all three parts of the set, travel to the Koukot Plateau and use the Western Bridge. After the bridge, you will find a door with candles on the right. Wear the Yiga set and enter and talk to the Yiga Blademaster. He will assign you 5 places where you will need to offer a Mighty Banana to activate the shrine in that place. 

How to complete The Yiga Clan Exam in Zelda: TotK 

The five places assigned to you are all near the Gerudo highlands and you can move towards all of them using the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower

First Site

The first site is close to the Yiga Bladmaster Station. Leave the room and head back toward the bridge which you used to come here. When on the bridge, jump down and land next to the Frog Shrine with the candles. Offer the Mighty Banana and it will have the Yiga Clan’s Flag.

Second Site

For the next one, you can travel to the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower and glide North toward the Frog Statue. The Frog statue is near the road and on the ground, under the wooden platform. Place a Mighty Banana on the dish and it will transform.

Third Site

Now, for the next site, start from the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower and use it to be launched up in the sky. From here glide to the Southeast and land on top of the hill with the statue. Place the Mighty Banana and continue to the next one.

Fourth Site

Next travel to the East of the Gerudo Desert Gateway and enter the cave in the mountain. You can also use the Skyview Tower to directly fly and land here. Inside you will find a big room with enemies in it. To the right of the room, you will find a platform that you can climb on. On the platform use Ascend to move up and you will find the Frog Statue to the right. Present the offering to it.

Fifth Site

For the final frog statue, travel to Mount Nabooru and move towards Mount Nabooru Cave. Inside the cave, look to the right for the candlelight and you will find the frog statue. Place the Might Banana offering and you will complete the side adventure.  

Now visit the Yiga Bladmaster station and talk to the Blademaster. With that, you will now have completed the Yiga Clan Exam in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. 

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