How To Get Fierce Deity Sword In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

You get the Fierce Deity Sword after getting the Fierece Deity armor set as part of the The Fierce Deity quest in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Fierce Deity Sword is a legendary weapon that comes as part of an armor set of the same name in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Storied to be possessed by an actual deity, this two-handed weapon is more than capable of splitting apart anything that comes in your path.

How to get the Fierce Deity Sword in Tears of the Kingdom

There are two ways to get your hands on the Fierce Deity Sword in Zelda: TotK. The first or mainline method requires you to complete an important quest in the game. The second or alternative way is to simply scan the right amiibo.

Complete the “Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity” quest

“Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity” actually only rewards you the Fierce Deity Armor set, not the sword. You need to complete this quest first because you need the armor set to get to the sword.

Once you have the armor set, make your way east of Cephla Lake to find a cave. There’s a Shrine located south of the cave called Kisinona Shrine, which can be used for fast travel.

As you approach the cave, you’ll encounter two NPC characters, Domidak and Prissen, who will stop you from entering the cave. Once you are done conversing with them, head inside the cave until you come across a stone door. This door must be opened to get to the Fierce Deity Sword.


To unlock the Stone door, players must stand in front of it wearing the Fierce Deity Armor Set. Unlocking the door will lead you into a chamber with a chest placed inside.

Loot the chest for the Fierce Deity Sword in Tears of the Kingdom. The coordinates of the chest are as follows: 2617, 1418, 0135.

Like many other items in Zelda: TotK, the Fierce Deity Sword can also be equipped using the Amiibo Ability. Players with the Majora’s Mask Link Amiibo can scan it using their controller.

To get the item, launch the ability wheel in your game and select the Amiibo option. Next, place your Amiibo on the NFC touchpoint of your controller to scan it.

This Amiibo will allow you to unlock the entire Fierce Deity Armor along with the Fierce Deity Sword in Tears of the Kingdom. That as well as the Majora’s Mask Fabric for your paraglider.

Does the Fierce Deity Sword respawn after it breaks in Zelda: TotK?

As weapons in Tears of the Kingdom have durability, they may break after using them for a specific time. Therefore, you’ll have to equip another weapon each time it breaks.

Once you unlock the Fierce Deity Sword, it will become available in the Bargainer’s Statues Menu. These statues are located at different locations in The Depths, and players can respawn weapons over here.

You can buy the sword by exchanging 160 Poes at the Bargainers Statue and begin yielding a brand-new weapon.

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