Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Eldin’s Colossal Fossil Walkthrough

In Eldin's Colossal Fossil, you must help Loone repair a gigantic fossil by finding its missing eye. That will earn you some rupees.

“Eldin’s Colossal Fossil” is another easy side quest that you can complete for some quick rupees in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

As the quest name suggests, you have to find and repair a fossil that is missing an eye. Luckily, its eyeball is nearby and all you have to do is find a way to get it free.

Here is how you can complete Eldin’s Colossal Fossil in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to start Eldin’s Colossal Fossil in Zelda: TotK

If you have started the Regional Phenomena story quest in Tears of the Kingdom, you can make your way to East Akkala Stable to start Eldin’s Colossal Fossil.

Once you reach the stable at coordinates 4236, 2727, 012, follow its main path north to find Loone. She will tell you about three fossils nearby that you can help put together.

That is the main objective of this quest. The locations of all three Eldin’s Colossal Fossils will be marked on your map now to signal the start of the quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


How to complete Eldin’s Colossal Fossil in Zelda: TotK

Follow the map marker to reach coordinates 1641, 3700, 0098 to find the Eldin Great Skeleton fossil. This will be near the Eldin Mountains, meaning that it is a pretty long way to travel from the East Akkala Stables.

To complete the “Eldin’s Colossal Fossil” side quest in Tears of the Kingdom, you need to find the fossil’s missing right eye.

This is an easy objective to complete here because the eyeball is located right beneath the fossil. The only problem is that the eyeball is stuck.

To get your hands on the quest item, you will need to use an arrow with a bomb flower or a weapon with a stone. Use either of them to destroy the rock formation at the bottom to release the eye.

Next, you need to use your Ultrahand ability to pick up the eye and place it inside the right eye socket of the fossil. Do note that you have to rotate the eye so that it is looking outside, or else the objective will not be completed.

Once the eyeball is placed correctly, you will have successfully repaired the Eldin Great Skeleton. You can now talk to Loone about your reward which is going to be 50 rupees.

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