How To Get String (Rope) In Elden Ring

Looking for Strings in Elden Ring? There are different locations in Elden Ring where you can get them and farm them. The material can't be purchased.

Among the many items in Elden Ring, a string or rope is important and crucial for crafting different items like Drawstring Fire Grease or Roped Fetid Pot.

Our guide will help you find strings (rope) in Elden Ring.

Where can you Farm String in Elden Ring?

String or Rope in Elden Ring is often obtained after you kill a Demi-Human or a Demi-Human Chief. You can also loot string on dead corpses. These can be found in different locations in the Lands Between.

Following are some regions where you can obtain string in Elden Ring:

Location 1

You can get 5x strings on the dead corpses on the roof of Hermit Village in Mount Gelmir.

Location 2

4x Strings can be obtained from the dead corpse lying on a  sewer in Lyndell Royal Capital.

One more string can be found in eh capital just a few blocks east in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds.

Location 3

5x strings can be looted from a corpse in the Altus Plateau. 3x Strings can be obtained in the ruins on the north of the plateau.

Location 4

You can get 5x Strings from a corpse found in the woods in the Earhtbore Cave.

What Can You Craft With String in Elden Ring?

A large variety of items can be crafted by using strings. These are the following items:

  • Roped Oil Pot
  • Roped Holy Water Pot
  • Roped Poison Pot
  • Roped Fetid Pot
  • Roped Fire Pot
  • Drawstring Fire Grease
  • Drawstring Magic Grease
  • Drawstring Lightning Grease
  • Drawstring Holy Grease
  • Drawstring Rot Grease
  • Drawstring Soporific Grease

Best Method to Farm String in Elden Ring

Strings in Elden Ring are hard to get as you have to travel long distances. However, as mentioned before, you can farm string by killing Demi-Humans.

For that, you can go to the Coastal Cave in Limgrave. There will be 8 Demi-Humans. You have to kill them all. Usually, the drop rate of string from Demi-Humans is 1/20. But in this cave, it is 1/10. It is still low but this is the only good spot to farm string. You can use Waves of Darkness Ash of War to speed up the process.

Once you kill all the demi-humans, fast travel to the nearest Site of Grace to reset and come again to farm strings.

Can You Purchase String In Elden Ring?

To our knowledge, there is no merchant in the Lands Between. So no, you can’t really purchase this material so you will only have to farm it using the locations and methods described above.

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