Elden Ring Coastal Cave Walkthrough

In this detailed Elden Ring guide, we'll be diving deep into Coastal Cave, its locations, the bosses it contains, and how to get your way around the Dungeon.

In this detailed Elden Ring guide, we’ll be diving deep into Coastal Cave, its locations, the bosses it contains, and how to get your way around the Dungeon. So, without further, let us begin.

How to Get to Coastal Cave in Elden Ring

Just as you reach the southern part of the western beach in western Limgrave, you’ll come across the Coastal Cave. Costal Cave is one of the small dungeons you’ll be entering in Elden Ring, and it is home to many treasures and a few enemies that are ready to give you some competition.

A good thing about this Dungeon is that it’s optional, so players can opt to go here whenever it’s most convenient for them.

Furthermore, entering this cave and doing some tasks here also entails access to the nearby island, which is great to explore for any possible bounties and items that could be useful in the game.

Getting to dungeons in Elden Ring can sometimes be tricky if you’re bad with maps or have difficulty navigating places. Some of the locations are tentative, and it can feel like a puzzle finding them. However, you have to worry no more as we’ve figured out the way to Coastal Cave and a few indicators that’ll help you out.

As we mentioned before, you’ll be finding this Dungeon towards the western coast of the Limgrave Region. The location isn’t tricky once you reach the region. Look for a few establishments near it, and you’ll be able to locate it in no time.

You can find the Dungeon near the Cave of Knowledge entrance towards the west, and it will also have beach access towards the north. And to confirm the location even more, you’ll find the Church of Ellen near it towards the west.

If you’re finding the Dungeon at night, it will become even easier as there will be Demi-humans around it. You can also find a sizeable half-circular ruin attached to the corner of the cliff where you can discover Nomadic Merchant through whom you can trade items.

Now that you know where to find the dungeon, let’s look at what’s inside it.

Elden Ring Coastal Cave Walkthrough

Just as you would expect, the dungeon is most definitely darker than the color black. So, before you get too excited for your adventure inside the Coastal Cave, you need to have a torch in your hands or ideally a lantern. Head over to Merchant Kale quickly at the Church of Elleh and grab a torch if you don’t have a lantern yet.

As you proceed into the cave, it gets even darker to the point where you can’t even see anything, and your screen will basically go all black. Activate your lantern or torch here.

Once you’ve entered the location, you have the option to rest a bit in the nearby Site of Grace before you commit to all the madness packed in the Coastal Cave. This gives you some time off and creates room for you to develop strategies for boss fights.

Once you’re ready to go, follow the passage and go straight until you can spot some Cave Moss towards the left side. Near it, you’ll also find a creepy Demi-Human guarding the more extensive cave area.

Just lean onto the right wall of the cave and squeeze as close as you can get. Doing so will help you get through a small tunnel that leads to more Cave Moss and more scary-looking Demi-Gods.

Now don’t get scared when they start screaming; instead, brace yourself as they will charge attacks towards you. When they whiff their attacks, fight back and take them out!

Now continue with the path till you reach the bottom of the passage and until you’re led back to the more extensive cave area guarded by a Demi-human you witnessed before. As scary it sounds, these enemies will be waiting in the dark to hunt you, so be ready to attack them just like you did before.

Just as you thought you were free from these annoying minions, there will be a group of them towards the left end of the cave. Kick their ass and then find a body with 3 Root Resin. This will be the entrance to the boss fight arena!

How to Defeat Demi-Human Chiefs

We’re not going to lie; Coastal Cave’s adventures get even more complex as you’ll have to fight not one but two Demi-Human Chiefs. However, you can take them down quickly with our tips and tricks.

So, our favorite part about this fight is that both bosses will be asleep, which allows you to begin the fight as you like. We can’t stress this enough for players to use this time preciously and advance as many attacks as possible to give bosses maximum damage.

Furthermore, they both are placed opposite in the distance from each other in a room, so if you fight with either one of them quietly in the area around the entrance, the other boss will not wake up and complex the fight.

Also, there will be no fog gate, further making the situation ideal for you. However, keep in mind there will be several Demi-Humans roaming around the room, and they can jump in during the fight if they become aware of your presence.

Our last tip before beginning the fight is to summon Old Knight Istvan to support you in dealing with the enemies as things can get pretty intense, and who doesn’t love an extra helping hand?

As you enter the arena, you’ll find two Demi-Humans patrolling near the bushes. And just close to them will be the first chief leaning against the rocky pillar with a small Demi-Human guarding him.

Sneakily make your way to the bushes and hide in them. Then, use that as camouflage to stab the patrolling Demi-Humans to kill them or at least bring their health down.

Chances are the nearby boss will be alerted, but at least you’ll have the minions dead or on low health pool to not give you a tough time while you deal with the big guy.

If Demi-Humans are not dead, they will most definitely come after you with their attacks. They attack with long knives by either running, jumping, or spinning towards you. All of these forms can be fatal if you come in contact with them, so be ready to encounter them with your best moves.

However, as you defend and attack, you will notice that Demi-Humans will pause between the fight to load up or prepare for their attacks. And this pause certainly is their weakness that will help you and give ample time to bring them down.

So, when they are loading up for the attack, take the opportunity and provide them with maximum damage and eventually kill them. And as you do so, the Demi-Chief will also be up to pick bones with you.

Luckily, unlike typical bosses in Elden Ring, these Demi-Chiefs are easier to deal with as they don’t possess a large health pool. As a result, you can bring them down with a few successful hits and even defend against them easily.

Distracting them with spirits while you attack them from the back nonstop is your best strategy to kill them without using much time.

For the second Demi-Chief, again approach silently towards the other side of the room and deal with its minions and then the boss itself. Again, use the same strategy for the boss and Demi-Humans we mentioned before.

However, what happens if you wake up both Demi-Chiefs at once along with alerted Demi-Humans? Well, the fight can get complex; however, there’s always a method to madness.

You need to be super mobile and get rid of the Demi-Humans while you divert the bosses with summoning spirits. Once you clear down the arena, deal with bosses using your best attacks. If you can’t manage them, use the walls and rock around the arena to hide and catch a breath.

Use this hiding to kill the Demi-Humans and give off-guard damage to the Demi-Chiefs. Once their health is low enough for you to manage, summon spirits and slash away. And finally, you will be victorious!

Upon defeating the boss and the minions, you’ll receive the Tailoring Tools and Boc’s Sewing Needle. These are great rewards for enhancing your exterior aesthetics and spicing up your gear in Elden Ring.

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