Elden Ring Crafting Guide and Crafting Materials Locations

Our guide covers the Crafting Feature in Elden Ring and teaches you all there is to know about crafting and cookbooks in the game.

There was no option to craft in previous FromSoftware titles, but it has been added this time around, and our guide covers the Crafting Feature in Elden Ring and teaches you How to Get Crafting Kit, How to Craft, and What are  Cookbooks.

How to Get Crafting Kit to Unlock Crafting in Elden Ring

The consumables are necessary to craft so that you can benefit from them during your fight against difficult bosses. These are crafted with the help of materials available for harvest on the field. These include branches, roots, flowers, meat, and more.

You will come across many ingredients and items at the start of your journey, but you will be wondering what to do with these items. Unfortunately, the crafting feature is not available at the start, but you have to get the Crafting Kit in order to craft.

As soon as you reach West Limgrave, you will come across the Church of Elleh. Head inside the church and interact with the vendor beside the Smiting Table.

The vendor is named Merchant Kale, who will have a variety of items. One of the items will be the Crafting Kit that you can buy for 300 Runes.

How to Craft

Get the Crafting Kit, and you will see that the Item Crafting interface has been added to the menu. From there, you can check all of the recipes that you can cook and what materials are required for that recipe.

Cookbooks are required in order to unlock new and unique crafting recipes. These help you learn how to craft new recipes and are found scattered all across the map.

You can also buy the Cookbooks from different merchants in exchange for Runes or get them as loot after defeating enemy bosses.

Where to Get Cookbooks and Recipes

Below are some Cookbooks that you can get in the early stages of the game:

  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook  – Buy from Merchant Kale for 500 Runes.
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook  – Buy from Merchant Kale for 500 Runes.
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook  – Look for a destroyed bridge to the north of Stormhill Shack. The cookbook will be on a corpse on the bridge.
  • Missionary’s Cookbook – Buy from Merchant Kale for 500 Runes.
  • Armorer’s Cookbook – Buy from Nomadic Merchant for 400 Runes.

As you get a Cookbook, open the Item Crafting menu to look for the new recipes and what materials are required to craft them. Grab the materials required and select the recipe you want to craft.

You can find recipes scattered around the world in chests and other random places or you can buy a select few from merchants like Kale by spending Runes.

Elden Ring Crafting Materials Locations

Below you will find all the crafting materials and their farming locations in Elden Ring.

Albinauric Bloodclot

  • Village of Albinaurics
  • Near the Four Belfries
  • Drops from Albinaurics

In the village of the Albinaurics, you have to kill one behind the house and another one on the bridge. Both of them have high chances of dropping the Albinauric Butterfly.

In Volcano Manor, you can kill one in the room that can be accessed through the entry hall for getting the item.

Altus Bloom

  • Altus Plateau

You will find 5 blooms in the Altus Plateau close to each other just southwest of the Road of Iniquity Side Path site of grace.

Arteria Leaf

  • Weeping Peninsula
  • Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Stormveil Castle
  • Drops from Troll in Mountaintops of the Giants

In the Mountaintops of the Giants, you will need to head west of the Giant’s Grave post site of grace and kill the Troll.

Beast Blood

Drops from carnivore animals

  • Boar
  • Lesser Runebear
  • Lion Guardian
  • Rotten Stray

To farm this one, get to Limgrave and head south from the Third Church of Marika site of grace. There in the forest, you will find a group of Runebears and Boars. Take out them for farming the Beast Blood.

Beast Liver

Drops from herbivore animals

  • Deer
  • Rabbitgaroo
  • Sheep

Head towards the southwest from the Church of Pilgrimage and you will find three herds of sheep. You can take out them to farm Beast liver.

You can also find the sheep herds close to the Craftsman’s Shack site of grace. In Siofra River Well, if you go towards the Ancestral Woods site of grace you will find a lot of beasts that can help you farm Beast Liver.


  • Fort Haight
  • Rose Church
  • Mohgwyn Palace
  • Infinite amount from Imprisoned Merchant

In Fort Haight, you can find a lot of bushes in the entrance, courtyard, and behind the castle. Similarly, you can head to the Rose Church for farming a lot of Bloodrose.

Budding Cave Moss

  • Dark Caves throughout the Lands Between

For farming them you can get to the Subterranean Inquisition Chamber and head to the cave under the Volcano Manor. There on the way, you can farm a lot of Budding Cave Moss.

Aeonian Butterfly

  • Lake of Rot
  • Kindred of Rot
  • Basilisk

You have run along the south side of Lake of Rot by moving from the site of grace and you will find 4 Basilisks there. After that go towards the ruins for finding 8 Basilisks.

Make sure to take the Flame Cleanse me Incantation or Preserving Boluses to cure rot buildup.

Budding Horn

Drops from herbivorous animals

  • Sheep
  • Deer
  • Ancestral Follower

From the Church of Pilgrimage head towards the Walking Mausoleum and you will find herds of sheep that can help you in farming Budding Horn.

You can also farm this item while taking out the sheep herds in Craftsman’s Shack.

Cave Moss

  • Dark Caves
  • Groveside Cave
  • Stillwater Cave
  • Coastal Cave
  • Tombsward Cave
  • Academy Crystal Cave

Inside the Coastal Cave, you can find a few Cave Moss.

Cracked Crystal

  • Crystal Caves
  • Altus Tunnel
  • Sealed Tunnel
  • Sellia Crystal Tunnel
  • Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel

In Sellia Crystal Tunnel you can find a good amount of them in the first room that is protected by two lesser Kindred of Rot.

Crystal Cave Moss

  • Dark Caves
  • Stillwater Cave
  • Academy Crystal Cave

Right next to the site of grace in Sellia Hideaway you can find this item.

Crab Eggs

  • Crab
  • Giant Crab

You can find a large colony of crabs close to the Agheel Lake South site of grace with a large one just northwest of them.

Crystal Bud

  • Caria Manor
  • Near Raya Lucaria Academy

In revenger’s Shack, you can find two of them, one is just close to the site of grace in the southeast direction and another one is in the northwest direction.

Dewkissed Herba

  • Nokron, the Eternal City
  • Fallen Hawks Soldier

Just southeast of the Siofra River bank Site of Grace you can 7 of them.

Erdleaf Flower

  • Easily located throughout the Lands Between

In the four Belfries, you can find it close to the site of grace.

Eye Of Yelough

  • Ailing Village
  • Callu Baptismal Church
  • Drops from Frenzied Giants

You have to kill all the Frenzied Troll Knights in Yelough Anix Ruins for farming this item.

Faded Erdleaf Flower

  • Caelid
  • Drops from Lesser Kindred of Rot (Pests)

Just southwest of the Fort Faroth you can farm a good amount of them.

Fire Blossom

  • Mountaintops of the Giants
  • Drops from Blackflame Monks

For farming this item you have to head towards the Nomadic Merchant Mountaintops East and use the Spiritspring in the path for collecting 30 Fire Blossom per run.

Flight Pinion

Drops from any type of birds

  • Guillemot
  • Eagle
  • Warhawk
  • Bladed Talon Eagle

In the Siofra River under the Well site of grace, you can take out the eagles for farming the Flight Pinion.

Formic Rock

  • Ainsel River
  • Drops from Giant Ant

You can find several giants just east of the Deeproot Depths site of grace. Take out them for farming the Formic Rock.

Four-Toed Fowl Foot

  • Guillemot
  • Eagle

You can farm this material in two locations. One is the Church of Ellen and the other is the Fourth Church of Marika. In the Church of Marika, you have to get to the beach and take out Guillemots there for farming the Four-Toed Fowl Foot.


  • Stormhill

You can find 10 to 15 of this item in the Altus Plateau by going uphill from the Rampart Side Path site of grace.

Glintstone Firefly

  • Liurnia of the Lakes

In Liurnia of the lakes just west of the Scenic Isle site of grace you will find it covering the huge crystal.

You can farm four of them on the crystal outside the door to the Three Sisters close to the Royal Moongazing Grounds site of grace.

Gold Firefly

  • Close to Minor Erdtrees
  • Drops from Giant Bat

In the Limgrave you can farm 9 of these items in a pond southeast of the Mistwood Outskirts site of grace.

Gold-Tinged Excrement

  • Mistwood
  • Boar
  • Lesser Wormface

You can farm this item in the Third Church of Marika and for this, you have to head in the south direction to enter the woods. There you will encounter boars and take them out to get you the Gold Tinged Excrement.

Golden Centipede

  • Found near churches

You can farm it by killing all the Guardians at the Minor Erdtree Chruch.

Golden Rowa

  • Altus Plateau

In the immediate vicinity of the bower of bounty site of grace, you can farm this item.

Grave Violet

  • Found in Graves and Catacombs
  • Drops from Burning Slug

In the Jatburg while moving in the main street you can find this item close to the other items.

Gravel Stone

  • Leyndell, Royal Capital
  • Crumbling Farum Azula

In the crumbling Farum Azula, you will need to get down using the elevator close to the Greatbridge Site of Grace. Here you will enter a watery room with lightning-casting Azula Beastmen. Take out them to farm the Gravel Stone.

Again close to the Dragon Temple Lift site of grace you can kill Farum Azula Dragon that gets you 3 Gravel Stones.

Great Dragonfly Head

  • Drops from Giant Dragonfly

You can farm this item just east of the Heart of Aeonia site of grace. You will find a group of six big Dragonflies and taking them out net you the great Dragonfly head.


  • Stormhill
  • Weeping Peninsula
  • Stormgate
  • Drops from Wandering Nobles

Close to the Four Belfries site of grace you can find three Herba on the far end of the tower.

Human Bone Shard

  • Wyndham Ruins
  • Northwest of Deeproot Depths
  • Northern Uhl Palace Ruins
  • Skeleton
  • Celebrant

Just uphill from the Windmill Village site of grace, you can find a big gathering of Celebrants that can get you a Human Bone Shard.

Land Octopus Ovary

  • Land Octopus
  • Giant Land Octopus

Just southwest of the Temple Quarter site of grace you can find six giant Land Octopi and killing them will get you Land Octopus Ovary.

Living Jar Shard

  • Drops from Living Jar

In Stormveil Castle you just have moved forward from the Secluded Cell Site of Grace to find the 7 living jars and take them out to get you the Living Jar Shard.

Lump Of Flesh

  • Dog
  • Boar
  • Wolf
  • Bear

Melted Mushroom

  • Siofra River Well
  • Mohgwyn Palace
  • Deeproot Depths

You have to head toward the south side of the third Church of Marika and you will encounter a group of boars. Kill them for collecting the Lump of Flesh.

Miquella’s Lily

  • Soldier (Leyndell)
  • Cleanrot Knights

In Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree you will find two Haligtree knights outside the big door close to the Elphael Inner Wall site of grace.

Miranda Powder

  • Miranda Sprout
  • Giant Miranda Sprout
  • Perfumer

Inside the Perfumer’s Grotto, you will encounter around four Perfumers in the very first room, and killing them will get you Miranda Powder.


  • Limgrave
  • Weeping Peninsula
  • Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Drops from Castle Guards

Close to the tree just east of the Village of Albinaurics site of grace, you will find two Mushrooms and one on the north side of the site of grace.

Old Fang

Drops from carnivorous beasts like

  • Lion Guardian
  • Boar
  • In the central courtyard of Castle Morne, you will find eight of them.

Nascent Butterfly

  • Drops from Ancestral Follower Shaman

This one is dropped by the Ancestral Followers Shamans close to the Ancestral Woods site of grace.


  • Waypoint Ruins
  • Tombsward Cave
  • Witchbane Ruins
  • Jarburg
  • Miranda Sprout
  • Giant Miranda Sprout

For finding Poisonbloom you will need to get to the swamps on the northeast side of Castle Morne.

Rimed Crystal Bud

  • Consecrated Snowfield
  • You will find around 11 of them around a big frozen tree truck in Ordina Lithurgical Town.

You will find four of them in Mountaintops of the Giants just surrounding the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace.

Root Resin

  • Auriza Side Tomb
  • Deathtouched Catacombs
  • Impaler’s Catacombs
  • Tombsward Catacombs
  • Mainly Found near tress or roots of the Greattree

Just northeast of the site of grace in Warmaster’s Shack you will find the Root Resin.

Rowa Fruit

  • Easily located throughout the Lands Between

Rowa Fruit can be found in Jatburg along the main street. You will also find some useful items other than the Rowa Fruit.

Ruin Fragment

Found near ruins in

  • Limgrave
  • Weeping Peninsula
  • Liurnia of the Lakes

You can farm a good amount of them by running across the Liurnia Tower bridge Site of Grace on the horseback. The bridge is just close to the Site of grace in the Divine tower of Liurnia.

Sacramental Bud

Drops from Haligtree Knights in

  • Caelid
  • Gelmir

You can get this one by taking out the Rotten Strays and Giant Skeletal Slime in the Writheblood Ruins.

Sanctuary Stone

  • Weeping Peninsula
  • Pumpkin Head
  • Gnolls
  • Abnormal Stone Clusters

You can find this item in the ruins directly north of the Scenic Isle site of grace.

Silver Firefly

  • Ainsel River
  • Limgrave
  • Found in lakes untouched by sunlight

You can find this one by heading north from the Ainsel River Main site of grace. You can repeat this again and again for collecting more.

Sliver Of Meat

  • Drops from herbivorous beasts
  • Deer
  • Rabbitgaroo
  • Sheep

For this one also you have to take out the Herds of sheep you found in the Church of pilgrimage and Craftsman’s Shack.

Slumbering Egg

  • Pidida, Carian Servant in Caria Manor
  • Drops from owl

You can find the Slumbering Egg in the Warmaster’s Shack just east of the site of grace by climbing the small cliff.

Smoldering Butterfly

  • Found near wildfire
  • Castle Guards
  • Burning Slugs
  • Highwaymen

You can find the smoldering butterfly in the Warmaster’s Shack just northeast on the fire path.


  • Demi-Human
  • Noble

For farming this one you have to take out the Demi-Humans in the first room inside the Coastal Cave.

Strip Of White Flesh

  • Drops from creatures devoid of blood
  • Crab
  • Giant Crab
  • Land Octopus
  • Giant Land Octopus
  • Giant Lobster
  • Oracle Envoy

You can farm this one by taking out the turtles in the Summonwater Village. This is close to the location where you found the Green Turtle Talisman.

Tarnished Golden Sunflower

  • Found near Minor Erdtrees
  • Limgrave
  • Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Drops from Guardian

You can collect this material from the surroundings of the Mistwood site of grace in Minor Erdtree.  These are basically around the trees.

Thin Beast Bones

  • Deer
  • Dog
  • Rabbitgaroo
  • Sheep
  • Wolf

You can farm this one by taking out sheep herds in the Craftman’s Shack close to the Site of grace.

Hefty Beast Bones

  • Boar
  • Bear
  • Lesser Runebear

This one is also dropped by the Boars you encounter in the third Church of Marika.

Toxic Mushroom

  • Near toxic areas
  • Poison Zombie (Shaded Castle)
  • Servant of Rot

Just southeast of the Heart of Aeonia site of grace you will find two of them behind the branches.

Trina’s Lily

  • Limgrave
  • Weeping Peninsula
  • Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Altus Plateau
  • Mountaintops of the Giants
  • Cleanrot Knights
  • Spirit Jellyfish

In the Apostate Derelict, you can farm this item by killing all the jellyfishes there.

Turtle Neck

  • Turtle
  • Miriel, Pastor of Vows

In the Sunnonwater Village, you can find a lot of turtles around the basement.

Volcanic Stone

  • Gelmir

For farming this one you have to run between the Seethewater Terminus site of grace and river and after that get to the other way you will get 100 Volcanic Stone.

Yellow Ember

  • Frenzied Flame Village
  • Callu Baptismal Church
  • Yelough Anix Ruins

You can find them throughout the area above the Frenzied Flame Proscription in the Cathedral of the Forsaken.

Silver Tear Husk

  • Ainsel River
  • Silver Tear
  • Nox Swordstress

You can farm this item in Northern Hallowhorn Grounds, seven inside the ground and a few others at the northeast of the temple.

Stormhawk Feather

  • Stormveil Castle
  • Warhawk
  • Bladed Talon Eagle

You can get this one in Stormveil Castle by taking out the Warhawks just out of the north door close to the Rampart Tower site of grace.

Cracked Pot

  • Gatekeeper Gostoc in Stormveil Castle
  • Merchant Kalé, Limgrave
  • Nomadic Merchant, North Limgrave

You can purchase this one from the Nomadic merchant at the South Caelid for 1500 Runes and in the eastern Weeping Peninsula for 600 Runes.

Ritual Pot

  • Laskyar Ruins
  • Raya Lucaria Academy
  • Bought from Pidia
  • Isolated Merchant in Dragonbarrow

There are different locations where you can farm Ritual pots and one of them is the Jarburg in eastern Liurnia. Inside the village, there you can find two of them.

One of them can be found on top of a decorative jar in the south and another one on the roof of the hut in the north.

Perfume Bottle

  • Volcano Manor
  • Leyndell, Royal Capital
  • Shaded Castle
  • Hermit Merchant in Hermit Merchant’s Shack

There are different locations where you can farm this material in Elden Ring. Here we will tell you about a few of them.

In the Leyndell Royal Capital, it can be farmed by taking out the Leonine Misbegotten on the eastern pond.

Also in Altus Plateau just northwest of the Abandoned Coffin site you can find two of them one in the chest and the other on a table.