How To Sleep For An Hour In Stray

Stray has several side quests or rather side activities for you to do and take a break from trying to...

Stray has several side quests or rather side activities for you to do and take a break from trying to escape the dystopian city and its robot rulers.

Most of these activities are hiding in plain sight such as dunking a basketball and browsing TV channels. In the same vein, you can take a nap in Stray as a side activity to unlock the “Productive Day” achievement.

The only problem is that you just can’t sleep anywhere in the game. There are certain spots or locations for you to take a much-needed nap. The following guide will show you where exactly to sleep for an hour in Stray.

How To Sleep For One Hour In Stray

You will come across beds and mattresses and other spots in the game to sleep on. You will know you have the right spot because when you come near, an interactive button prompt will show up to indicate that you can use this area for a nap.

Since we are talking about unlocking the achievement, it is best that we talk about the sleeping locations most easy for you to access.

The Slums are probably the quickest way to get the achievement. Head for the rooftops where you will encounter a robot. All you have to do is approach the robot, hit the button prompt, and sleep next to it.

You can also find a good sleeping spot on the ground level in the Slums. Go to Morusque, the musician. Find all Sheet Music in the game and give it to him to start playing a song. Not only will this unlock a Badge but also give you the option of sleeping next to Morusque.

Furthermore, there is a library in the Slums that connects a small room with pillows. You can sleep on the pillows as well.

Just note that you need to sleep for an hour to unlock the Productive Day achievement. How do you do that exactly? Go to sleep in the game and then return after a whole hour has passed in the real world. You can also exit the game and return an hour later to have the achievement unlocked.

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