How To Browse Through TV Channels In Stray

Trying to escape a dystopian robot-ruled city can be tiring for a cat. Hence, in Stray, you can take part...

Trying to escape a dystopian robot-ruled city can be tiring for a cat. Hence, in Stray, you can take part in several mini activities to take a break. One of such activities involves finding a TV and then using its remote control to browse through its many channels.

This is also how you can unlock the “Télé à Chat” achievement in your goal of a 100% completion run.

The following guide will show you the TV location and how to browse the TV channels in Stray.

Where To Find The TV In Stray

The first step in unlocking the achievement is locating the TV in Stray. You will find a working television set in The Slums but you will not be able to reach that location until you start Chapter 4.

Leaving the flat with B-12 in Chapter 4 will immediately initiate a lockdown, after which your next task will be to lift that lockdown in order to proceed further. For this purpose, you must speak with the Guardian.

When the lockdown is lifted, make way to the rooftops of the Slums. There are a bunch of options available that you can opt to find a way up.

When you’ve made your way to the rooftop, get to the back area of the Slums where you need to look for the neon blue Outsider sign.

You’ll see a rooftop of a small living room to the left of the sign. This is basically Momo’s apartment. Get inside to find a TV in the living room.

How To Browse All TV Channels In Stray

Now that you have located the TV in the game, you need to make your way to the remote control on the couch. Interact with the TV remote to change the channel. Interact six times to browse through all the channels and unlock the Télé à Chat achievement.

Take note that you can find more TVs in other areas of the game. However, the achievement can only be unlocked here because this is the only TV in Stray that has an interactive remote control.

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