How To Dunk A Basketball In Stray

Stray has several collectibles and activities hidden in plain sight, and nearly all of them are required to unlock their respective achievements. For completionists, that means keeping a watchful eye open for anything to interact with even if that looks to be part of the environment.

The “Boom Chat Kalaka” achievement in Stray requires you to dunk a basketball. This achievement can be unlocked fairly early in the game and chances are that you probably passed the area without noticing anything.

The following guide will show you where and how to dunk a basketball to unlock the Boom Chat Kalaka achievement in Stray.

Where & How To Dunk The Basketball

The basketball is located in plain sight in the Slums chapter. If you have already finished the chapter, do not fret because you can always load the chapter again from the main menu later on.

In the Slums, head for the barterman who is located right to the Guardian. When you reach that location, you will notice a basketball placed all the way on top of the stairs. In addition, there will be a bucket placed at the bottom of the same stairs.

All you must do is gently push the basketball from the top of the stairs into the bucket at the bottom.

Take note that the physics of Stray are pretty sensitive. You have to gently nudge the basketball into the bucket, not push it. If you apply too much force, the basketball will likely miss the bucket or drop elsewhere.

When that happens, you will have no choice but to reload the chapter and try to dunk the basketball all over again. There is no way to push the basketball back up the stairs.

If you correctly dunk the basketball into the bucket, you will unlock the Stray Boom Chat Kalaka achievement.

The whole feat is pretty easy to do. You just need to be careful.

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