Stray Badge Locations Guide

In this guide, we will tell you how to earn all six badges for your Stray 100% completion playthrough.

There are three types of collectibles in the Stray which include B-12 Memories, Badges, and Sheet Music. Badges, in this case, are pinned to your cat harness to show off in the dystopian setting.

Finding all badges will also unlock the Badges achievement in Stray if you are looking for a 100% completionist run.

There are six badges to find in Stray by completing a series of side quests and activities. The following guide will highlight all of their locations in the game.

How To Earn Badges In Stray

Music Badge – The Slums

You will get the Music Badge from Morusque once you find and give him all the Sheet Music collectibles in the game.

Outsider Badge – The Slums Part 2

There is nothing special that you need to do to get the Outsider Badge. You will get it automatically as part of the Slums storyline.

Plant Badge – Antvillage

Malo in Antvillage wants you to collect three different plants (flowers) for her collection. Finding and giving her the yellow, purple, and red plants will get you the Plant Badge.

Cat Badge – Midtown

This badge is found in a shop that is located on the right side of the shopping street. Enter the shop and translate the writing there at the back. This will provide you with a safe code.

Jump over the shelving to get to the safe and put 8542 as the code. Inside the safe, you’ll find the Cat Badge.

Police Badge – Midtown

The Police Badge is a little tricky to reach. From the alley outside the clothing store, jump onto a workbench and later to the vent.

After getting to the metal awning, jump across the next and then get to the wooden ledge and then on the AC. Follow the way up to reach to a small window where you’ll find a robot body. Interact with it to get the Police Badge.

Neco Badge – Midtown

This final badge is found inside the Neco Factory section of the chapter. After getting into the factory, follow the main path where you’ll find a worker who has lost his keys. Stay low to avoid the Sentinel drones and follow the main path to get the keys.

There comes a point where you’ll use shadows to avoid the drones. At the same point, there are some barrels floating on the water from where you’ll get the keys.

Give the keys to the worker by opening a door in the next room. Handing over the keys will get you the last, Neco Badge in Stray.

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