How To Upgrade Weapons In Steelrising

There are various weapon types to choose from in Steelrising with disregard to your starting class since you can always...

There are various weapon types to choose from in Steelrising with disregard to your starting class since you can always change your weapons later on.

Once you have settled on your primary, it is time to start upgrading it to improve your overall damage. Your weapon upgrades are important because lower-level weapons are hardly going to make a dent in the late-game enemies and bosses.

You must have also noticed your weapons have different tiers and levels, which signify their current upgrade status. The following guide will help you upgrade your weapons and tell you where to find all of the necessary materials required for each upgrade in Steelrising.

How to upgrade weapons in Steelrising

To upgrade any weapon in Steelrising, you must visit the Vestal or the Horseless Carriage. Interacting with either of them will allow you to select a weapon from your inventory to upgrade.

Each weapon upgrade has certain requirements that vary depending on its current level. Make sure to have lots of Anima Essence because you will need a lot of them to upgrade your weapons to their maximum levels.

Below is a list of all of the resources and requirements attached to weapons if you are looking to upgrade them in Steelrising.

Level 2

  • 1500x Anima
  • 1x Bronze Ingot

Level 3

  • 3000x Anima
  • 2x Bronze Ingot
  • 3x Cast Iron

Level 4

  • 5000x Anima
  • 3x Bronze Ingot
  • 2x Cat Iron
  • 1x Bismuth Block

Level 5

  • 7500x Anima
  • 3x Bronze Ingot
  • 2x Cast Iron
  • 2x Bismuth Block
  • 1x Orichalcum Ingot

Where to find weapon upgrade materials in Steelrising

Once you’ve figured out what materials are needed to upgrade your weapon in Steelrising, your next task is to explore the map and find all of them one at a time.

Bronze Ingot
The most common materials you will find in the game are Bronze Ingots. The can be easily farmed by looting chests and dead robots, especially the gargoyle and siege-type enemies.

Cast Iron
Cast Iron is also a common material in Steelrising. It can be found in chests and by defeating high-level enemies. You can also purchase Cast Iron from the Boutique.

Bismouth Blocks
Bismouth Blocks are rare. You will stumble across them very late in the game as they are dropped by mini-bosses such as the Unstable Automats.

While they can found in chests as well, the probability of finding them is pretty low. If you are really pressed for time, consider purchasing Bosmouth Blocks from the Boutique at a steep price.

The rarest and most difficult material to farm in Steelrising is Orichalcum. They are only found by killing titan bosses, or the main bosses of the game. However, even then they are pretty hard to find because the first two bosses, the Selenite and the Bishop, do not drop any Orichalcum.

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