Steelrising: How To Defeat The Selenite Of The Louvre

The Selenite of the Louvre is a hulking mass of metal and destruction in Steelrising. He holds a massive tower shield in one hand and a deadly scythe in the other.

Much like the Bishop of the Cite, the Selenite has a large health bar to deplete alongside a limited moveset. However, he hits much harder in comparison.

You will find the Selenite of the Louvre in the Tuileries. You need to defeat him to not only rescue Baily but also unlock the Selenite Momentum ability to dash in and outside of combat.

The following guide will show you how to take down the Selenite of the Louvre for good in Steelrising.

The Selenite of the Louvre boss fight phases

Phase #1
The Selenite will start walking towards you as soon as you enter the arena in the Cour Carree. He will do a surprise rush attack after taking a few steps. Hence, be ready to move out of the way.

One of his common attacks is a lunge where he will step back before rushing you with his scythe. Dodge to the side as soon as you see him step back.


The Selenite will then follow up with a frontal sweep. You not only need to dodge to the side for the first attack but also get behind him to avoid the follow-up sweep.

Be wary of his shield as well because the Selenite will mix up his attacks by bashing you with his shield instead of doing a sweep attack.

In another attack, the Selenite will cover himself behind his shield before shooting a lightning projectile. Do not confuse this as a defensive move. Circle behind him to land some damage while he is busy shooting his projectiles.

Phase #2
Once you deplete around three of his health bars, the Selenite will ignite his shield on fire to strengthen his shield attacks.

He will also get a new attack where he stays still while charging an attack where he shoots multiple lightning projectiles. This attack will be easy to spot because of his charging animation. Make good of the opportunity by rushing in and landing some extra damage.

In another new attack, he will raise his scythe to his head in salute before launching a vicious series of acrobatic slashes. These are going to do a lot of damage to you if you get caught. Hence, make sure to move out of the way as soon as you see the scythe raised.

These are the only attacks the Selenite will be mixing up during the first two phases of the fight.

Your only chance is to be aggressive. Rush in to deal some melee damage while avoiding his attacks on the way in and the way out. If you stay back or on the defensive, this fight will linger on and your survival chances will be reduced.

Phase #3
When his health bar drops to the last three bars, the Selenite of the Louvre will charge his scythe with lightning. During this phase, his attacks’ range will be increased, so you just cannot maintain distance.

You will have a good window of opportunity when he is igniting his scythe to enter the third phase of the fight. You can easily cut down a whole bar of his health during the animation.

The Selenite will also follow-up with a winding forward attack before falling to the ground. Make use of this opportunity as well to cut down another health bar.

Once you exhaust these two opportunities, make sure to stay back and not foolishly rush in. The Selenite does a lot of damage in his third phase and in quick succession. You will probably die if you get caught in any of them.

Your best bet is to keep dodging and circling the arena until he does the same attack move where he falls to the ground. When that happens, make sure to be close by to ush in and finish the titan for good.

How to use the Selenite Momentum

You need the Selenite Momentum ability to dash across large gaps and reach the other side to access new areas. The ability is similar to Bishop’s Hook in the sense that it allows you to access otherwise inaccessible areas. Hence, return to your previous/earlier areas/regions to open up new paths.

You can also use the Selenite Momentum ability to do frost alchemical attacks in combat at the cost of Alchemical Capsules.

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