Steelrising Weapon Types & What They Do

Steelrising is set in an alternate version of the French Revolution where you must overthrow King Louis XVI and his...

Steelrising is set in an alternate version of the French Revolution where you must overthrow King Louis XVI and his merciless Automats to save France.

This gruesome journey will pit you against all kinds of enemies and bosses. It becomes important from the beginning that you familiarise yourself with the game’s combat mechanics. That includes learning how to parry and the best weapons in the game.

The following guide lists all of the available weapon types in Steelrising while explaining what kind of combat they excel in.

All weapon types in Steelrising

There are eight different weapon types in Steelrising, each specializing in either short- or long-range combat and tailored towards its own combat style.

While some weapons are better than others in terms of either damage or abilities, it eventually comes down to your playstyle. Hence, pick a weapon type based on how you like to take on enemies in the game.


Fans are the ideal weapon when it comes to short-range combat. They are light and can inflict moderate damage on opponents.

The Dancer class loves using fans as their starter weapons. They swing swiftly and are a brilliant scaling weapon. Their immobilization ability is what actually makes fans so useful in continuous critical strikes.


Chains prove handy for mid-range combat and are another powerful weapon that you can scale up for improved damage.

Unlike fans, however, they are not that light and possess low immobilization, but they cause moderate damage to the opponents. Chains are a brilliant choice for Power builds due to this strong impact.


Halberds are a favorite weapon choice for the Soldier class. With an immense damage capability, medium weight, and long-range, Halberds are a must-used weapon to target single targets and warn them not to get anywhere near.


Claws are swift and short-range weapons possessing a medium weight. However, they have a weak impact due to less immobilization and therefore, inflict overall feeble damage.

However, if you are looking at an Agility build, claws are what you need for quick attacks.

Dual Swords

Dual swords are scaled up with power. They swing quite fast and have a medium weight. They also possess a mid-range immobilization ability and a good impact causing good damage altogether. It is best to use them in Agility/Power hybrid builds.


The Bodyguard class starts with maces. These heavy-weight weapons scale with Power to do high amounts of physical damage. The offset is that they have low immobilization.

It is important to note that maces have faster attack animations than Wheels despite their heavy weight. They do lower overall damage, however, in comparison.

If you are looking at a Power build, maces are a good option to have.


Wheels are heavy weapons with low immobilization and have a slower swing as compared to maces. They smash opponents with quite a strong impact and excel in staggering enemies.

They primarily scale up using power for great damage. Just like maces, you can opt for wheels in Power builds.


The Alchemist class uses tonfas/batons as their starting weapons. They are medium-weighted weapons that do good immobilization damage.

Tonfas scale with Elemental Alchemy and generally feature an alchemical affliction such as frost, flame, and fulmination. They are best used in Alchemy builds.

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