Steelrising: How To Defeat The Bishop Of The Cité

The Bishop of the Cité is the second boss you will face in Steelrising. He can be found at the Palais de Justice near the end of La Cité which gets unlocked after you have completed Les Invalides and unlocked the Horseless Carriage.

The Bishop is a rather easy boss fight in Steelrising. He has linear attack patterns that remain mostly the same throughout the three phases of the fight.

You just need to be careful about your positioning and as long as you are on the move, the Bishop will not be able to lay his hands on you.

Defeating the Bishop of the Cité will reward you with the Bishop’s Hook, an important grapple ability that you need to reach otherwise inaccessible areas in the game.

The following guide will prepare you for the Bishop by detailing all three phases of the fight in Steelrising before explaining how to use the Bishop’s Hook ability.

The Bishop of the Cité boss fight phases

Phase #1
Much like most of the other bosses such as the Centaur, be ready to move out of the way as soon as the fight begins because the Bishop is going to throw his holy book at you. The book is attached to his arm with a large chain. If you get hit, he will reel you in for a follow-up attack.


The Bishop also has a metal staff in his other hand that he will use for either a frontal slam or a sweep attack.

The first phase of the fight is relatively easy. You just need to keep circling the arena while using your ranged attacks until you deal enough damage to stagger the Bishop. Once he falls, rush in to do as much damage as possible. Make sure to target his upper body and not his metallic orb.

When you have reduced his health by 50 percent, the second phase of the fight will begin.

Phase #2
In the second phase of the fight, the Bishop will become aggressive. His metallic orbs will spring blades, so you cannot afford to get in close. He will also keep charging you while swinging his metallic staff. Just make sure to move out of his path to dodge him.

Keep using your projectiles and ranged attacks to stagger him, and then move in for some massive melee damage.

Once his health bar is down by 80 percent, the third and last phase of the fight will begin.

Phase #3
In the last phase of the fight, the Bishop will light his staff on fire. The pipes on his back will also start to burn. However, he will be using the same attack patterns as in phase two. The only difference is that the Bishop will leave behind a trail of flames, so you need to be careful while moving around the arena.

The flames will only last for a brief period. The Bishop will eventually return to his old attacks and stop his charging attack. You can stay safe by positioning yourself inside the circle of fire until the flames go out.

Continuing landing damage and the Bishop will become staggered for the last time. Move in and finish the boss to take down another titan boss.

How to use the Bishop’s Hook

The Bishop’s Hook functions just like any other grappling hook. You use it to access high-rise locations such as rooftops that have grapple points.

These high-ground locations are inaccessible until you unlock the Bishop’s Hook. Hence, you are advised to return to earlier areas and regions to access new areas once you have defeated the Bishop.

Target a grapple point on a rooftop and the Bishop’s Hook will pull you all the way over there. You can also use the Bishop’s Hook in combat for fulmination alchemical attacks which require Alchemical Capsules.

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