How To Fast Travel In Steelrising

You will progress through all eight different locations in a bid to overthrow the Tyrant King during an alternate rendering...

You will progress through all eight different locations in a bid to overthrow the Tyrant King during an alternate rendering of the French Revolution in Steelrising.

Each of these eight locations stands on its own as a large, open area to explore. There is a lot to find and do in the game, and you will eventually need to return to a previous location or region to access new paths and areas.

This backtracking will only be possible through fast traveling which you must first unlock in Steelrising. The following guide will show you how.

How to unlock fast travel in Steelrising

Unlike most other games where you simply need to click on a location on the map, Steelrising does fast traveling a bit differently.

You can only fast travel through the Horseless Carriage which gets unlocked by completing the Masters of the Machine story mission.

Take note that you must return to the Horseless Carriage every time you need to fast travel. Hence, make sure to remember the location of the carriage when you enter a new location. You can also use the compass to track down the carriage by following the golden flag icon.

There are Carriage Tokens that you can use to instantly return to the Horseless Carriage. These can be purchased from the Boutique or found lying around in the open world.

There are also Disassembly Tokens that transport you to the last Vestal safe zone but at the cost of all of your collected Anima.

It goes without saying that both tokens are extremely rare and vital if you are completely lost. Do not waste them.

Can you explore previous areas/regions in Steelrising?

Yes, it is possible to explore previous regions in Steelrising once you unlock the Horseless Carriage. You will notice a lot of blocked or inaccessible areas in the earlier districts. You will need to return to them after unlocking the right abilities.

The Bishop’s Hook, for example, allows you to pull yourself to grapple points on rooftops. The Alchemist’s Ram allows you to break down walls and gates. The Selenite Momentum allows you to dash across large gaps.

These will allow you to explore the blocked area of previous regions. These blocked areas contain lots of valuable loot for upgrades. Therefore, we highly recommend traveling back once you have the tools to explore blocked regions

Just note that you can fast-travel between districts but not within a district. The only way to immediately get back to your carriage or the last activated Vestal is through the Carriage and Disassembly Tokens.

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