Starfield Vectera Survey Guide

Vectera is a moon of Abselon located in the Narion System which can surveyed to get rare resources.

Vectera is the second moon of “Anselon” in the “Narion” system. Aside from visiting Vectera, you must also survey this moon in Starfield to gather survey data. You will find “fauna, flora, and resources” during these scans.

Once the survey is complete, you can sell this data to earn Credits in Starfield. I will help you quickly complete the 100% survey of Vectera in Starfield.

How to 100% Survey Vectera in Starfield

Vectera only features resources. To scan these, you must activate your scanner and be within a “10-meter” radius of the item. After that, you can scan all the items that Vectera Moon features.

Once you have activated your scanner, you need to get out on an adventure inside the mountain terrain of Vectera. You will then find a Survey Checklist on the left side of the Heads Up Display.

Scan the item in front, and it will begin the scanning process. Once the scanning process is complete, the Blue Outline inside the HUD will turn green.

You will visit Vectera Moon in Starfield as part of the mission, Rook Meets King. During this mission, you need to find “The Key” from the “Crimson Fleet” by making yourself an undercover agent.

Vectera Survey Checklist

As said, each planet has a Survey Checklist that you need to complete by scanning different items. Once it is done, your Survey Checklist progress will turn into “Surveyed.” The items included in the Starfield Vectera Survey Checklist are listed below:

Aluminum (Al)Mountain“Aluminium is a precious metal that is used to craft and upgrade a wide variety of weapons and gear in Starfield. It is also used in the Outpost Construction.”
Argon (Ar)Mountain“Argon has several uses in Starfield, from the production of graphite, researching dark matter at the Research Laboratory, in lighting, preservatives, or even in cryogenics.”
Benzene (C6H6)Mountain“Benzene is an uncommon inorganic resource found in Starfield that can be used in crafting of several recipes at the workbenches.”
Nickel (Ni)Mountain“Nickel, an essential ingredient in crafting Ballistic Shielding Mod for your Helmet, create a Weapon Workbench on your Outpost, and place an Extractor.”
Water (H20)Mountain“Benzene is an uncommon inorganic resource found in Starfield that can be used in crafting several recipes at the workbenches.”

All Flora and Fauna on Vectera

Unfortunately, Vectera Moon does not feature any Flora and Fauna inside its habitat due to the uninhabitable climate of the Moon.

How to Find Resources on Vectera in Starfield

In Vectera Moon, you will find a few very easy resources to locate. The resources that you will find in Vectera are listed below:

  • Aluminum (Al)
  • Argon (Ar)
  • Benzene (C6H6)
  • Nickel (Ni)
  • Water (H20)

As you land in Starfield Vectera, you need to head west, where you will find a bunch of small rocks on the hillside. Scanning this gives you the Nickel (Ni). It would be best if you stayed on the same trail, and you will come across a small hill with gas fumes emitting gushing out of it.

Here, you will find Argon (Ar). After that, head to an “Unknown spot” in the distance. After getting there, you will find Water on top of a small boulder.

You will find a place called “Covered Crater” after reaching the unknown spot where you discover Aluminum (Al) in Starfield. Travel west from the crater and find Benzene (C6H6) on top of a rock. Doing so, you will complete 100% Survey of Vectera, and the list will be marked as “Surveyed.”

All Biomes on Vectera in Starfield

The moons in Starfield do not feature any Biomes. Therefore, you will not find any living Biomes inside. You can visit other planet systems to find biomes such as “Mountains and Volcanos.”

How to discover Vectera Traits

You can use your onboard Snanner to find Planet Traits, but unfortunately, you will not find any inside Vectera Moon in Starfield. Finding these, however, is required to complete your survey progress of some other planets and moons.

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