Starfield Base Building Tips

Base Building in Starfield allows to create a safe haven for you and your crew members in an otherwise unforgiving space.

Base Building in Starfield is one of the core mechanics you will get used to over time. These bases or outposts are your homes on various planets spread across the galaxy. They also serve as a pit stop while you explore the vast wilderness of space, allowing you to fast travel from one planet to another. 

Starfield allows you to build only 8 bases at the beginning of the game. You can’t build a base on a planet already occupied by another faction or a group. This guide will explain the basics of base building and how you can maximize their advantage to your cause.

How to build a base in Starfield

Building and managing a base in Starfield is a 3 steps process, further divided into various sub-tasks. We will be discussing all three steps in detail below.

Finding a suitable planet

Initially, the most important aspect of building a Starfield base is finding a suitable planet. You can’t build a base on harsh planets. Any planet with extreme pressure, gravity, heat, cold, or acid is off-limits to players in the early game sections. They only become available for base building once you unlock the Planetary Habitation skill and unlock all its Tiers. 

The next important step is to scan the planet for its inorganic resources. You need to extract those resources to build your base in Starfield. We don’t advise you to go on a shopping spree whenever you come across a planet in Starfield where you can build your base. Use the planet itself to fund your ventures. 

Furthermore, the next step is to look out for the planet’s flora and fauna. See how hostile or docile they are. What kind of benefits or organic materials can you farm from them? Producing native animals in your base results in big rewards.

Building a base in Starfield

Afterward, go ahead and select a place to plant a beacon. This is the first step towards base building in Starfield. After placing the beacon, we recommend that the next thing you do is to place an extractor to mine inorganic resources from the planet. 

Now, you must set up a power source for your base. You can create a Solar Array or a Windmill (we recommend experimenting with both and see which one fits your base. After completing the power generation structures, create setups that provide food, water, and oxygen. Find local animals and plants to grow them at your base for a constant supply of food and oxygen. 

Now turn towards indoors. First, you need to create housing for your companions and crew members. The indoor structures that we recommend creating are in the following order. 

  1. Walled Rooms (tetra/circular/hexa) 
  2. Airlock 
  3. Storage 
  4. Laboratory and other workstations 

After the construction is done, put your crew members to work. They are invaluable elements of your base building in Starfield. They can produce/generate multiple resources at lightning speed and even protect your base from hostile elements.

Protect your base

The final step of building a base in Starfield is associated with its protection. You will lose many precious resources and crew members if you can’t defend your base from enemies. They usually attack your bases at irregular intervals. The best thing you can do is to put up some defensive measures, including Turrets and heavy artillery, to stop their advances. 

These are all the tips you can use to build your base in Starfield and protect it. We recommend following these tips to have a more pleasant experience. In the meantime, look at our Skills guide to unlock more bases, improve defensive measures, and conquer the harshest planets Starfield offers.

Starfield base building storage

The best way to increase your Starfield base building storage is by making an outpost for yourself. However, creating an outpost may require a lot of effort. Start by opening the Scanner. You can open the scanner by pressing the LB button on Xbox. Furthermore, you can press the F key if you are a PC user.

Now, press the X button for Xbox, or you can press the R key on PC. As a result, this will put an Outpost Beacon on the field. Moreover, you will be able to claim the surrounding land as well. Thus making it a good way to expand your land in Starfield.

Lastly, you can open the view menu to check for any available structures to place on the land you claimed. These structures include the likes of Resource Extractors. However, do note that these require a lot of materials. Plus, you must note that some planets are unavailable to use for outposts due to their harsh weather.

Starfield base building storage is not working

Many Starfield players have been facing a base-building storage problem. When collecting resources from all around different planets in place, the best way to store your resources is by dumping them into your ship for further notice.

However, that is not the case with Starfield. As that only makes the resources you collect useless. Therefore, perhaps the best way to fix this storage problem is by creating a single outpost in your base in Starfield.

Doing so will allow you to dump every resource you collect into the outpost. Thus, giving you enough space to craft them. Also, you can even add cargo routes for refilling and manufacturing a few materials as well.

Furthermore, you can build some special storage such as liquid and gas containers at your outpost. As a result, you can attain each item you put there on the crafting benches.

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