Starfield Trait Item IDs (Complete List)

No longer feeling like Extrovert anymore? No need to panic because Trait Item IDs in Starfield makes swapping as easy as changing clothes.

There is no doubt about the fact that every trait is a double-edged sword. You win something and also enjoy the downfall that comes with it. You are in luck because you have got yourself the easiest way to swap in and swap out traits as you go. All with the help of Trait Item IDs in Starfield.

Sprinkle some of the magic of console commands and cheats, mixed with Trait IDs and you have got yourself a potent potion to apply any trait to your character. Or remove a trait if you so wish. To further help you out, we have put together a list of every possible trait along with their Item IDs in Starfield.

How to use Trait Item IDs in Starfield

All Item IDs in Starfield help you in more ways than you can count. With the handy console commands, you are pretty much the god and you can do anything.

Now it doesn’t matter if your starting traits weren’t the best. You are not stuck with them for eternity, you can change them on the fly.

All you have to do is open your console by smacking the Tilde Key (~) on your keyboard. Enter the command to either add a trait or remove a trait. If you are not sure how to do that, here is an example:

player.addperk (TraitID)


The command/cheat is pretty self-explanatory. Everything remains the same, you just replace the TraitID with the ID you want from the list below. Similarly, if you wish to remove a trait:

player.removeperk (TraitID)

Now you know the magic spell to do both, try different variations, and have fun.

Complete list of all Trait IDs in Starfield

Trait NameTrait ID
Alien DNA00227FDA
Dream Home00227FDF
Freestar Collective Settler00227FD5
Hero Worshipped00227FD9
Kid Stuff00227FDE
Neon Street Rat00227FD3
Raised Enlightened00227FD2
Raised Universal00227FD1
Serpent’s Embrace00227FD0
Terra Firma00227FE1
United Colonies Native00227FDD

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