How To Remove Traits In Starfield 

There are many reasons why you'll want to remove your traits in Starfield but the process of doing so can be confusing for many. It's actually really easy to do so, all you need are a bunch of credits and you'll need to find a doctor to do so.

Starfield is Bethesda’s deepest RPG experience yet, allowing you to not only select your background but also up choose up to three traits. that can have numerous gameplay implications. Traits work similarly to how they did in older Fallout games, offering you some buffs and some debuffs. Sometimes you may be dissatisfied with your selection and may want to remove traits in Starfield.   

The good news is that Starfield allows you to change your traits at any time in the game. The procedure is fairly simple and only requires a relatively small fee. After you have removed a certain trait you can replace it with another, allowing you to experiment with different builds.  

Understanding Removing Traits in Starfield  

If you are unhappy with your trait selection, you can remove them easily. While certain traits can be unlearned through story, other times you will have to do so manually. If you are looking for an easy way out, simply head to any of the doctors in the game. Talk to them and select the option to have them remove your unwanted trait. You will need to have 10,000 credits on you to ensure this happens. Anything less than that, and the process will not work.

Why you may want to remove traits in Starfield

There are many reasons to do so. Sometimes the cons outweigh the pros. For example, the Empath trait temporarily increases your combat effectiveness if you perform an action your companion likes. But if you perform an activity that they do not like, you will be less effective in combat. Similarly, the Alien DNA trait starts you off with increased health and oxygen, but healing items lose effectiveness.

So you must consider whether the cons outweigh the pros or is it too much of a hassle. You may also want to try a different playstyle and may need a particular set of traits. Replacing traits lets you swap them out and try different combinations to that end.

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