Starfield Best Starting Traits

Traits are a double-edged sword in Starfield with pros and cons so let us help you figure out the best traits for your character.

Traits in Starfield determine some of your starting features. Every trait offers some benefits and some drawbacks that you need to balance depending on how you decide to play through the game. There are 17 traits in Starfield that players can choose from in the game, and players can pick three traits when they start their game.

Best Starting Traits in Starfield

Although all the traits are good in what they offer and what the player wants, some traits generally offer better benefits as compared to their drawbacks and the effectiveness of the said benefit in the game. this guide will look at some of the best traits players can pick in Starfield.

Alien DNA

Effect: Start with Increased Health and Oxygen, but Healing items are less effective.

This early trait is perfect for all players who want some extra survivability. Higher HP and Oxygen allow players to roam the new lands more easily and safely. Although your healing items are worth less now, you won’t need them that often in the early game, and you’ll have stronger healing items later down the line, keeping you hunky-dory at all times.


Effect: Buffs and Nerfs for combats from actions that your companions either like or dislike are more effective.

Your companions have personalities of their own. Although they won’t ever stand in your way, your actions during your journey do carry consequences with your companions. Your companions might either like or dislike your actions.


Although the base game increases your companion’s combat effectiveness depending on their likes or dislikes of your actions, the Empath trait increases their effectiveness and you get better buffs. But as a result, players also get increased nerf to companion combat effectiveness if the relationship with companions isn’t as good. If you are deciding to become a loveable character, this single feat will buff your companions to the heavens.

Hero Worshipped

Effect: Get an Adoring fan, who is annoying.

The Hero Worshipped traits is perfect for those with high patience in real life. With this trait, players will meet an Adoring Fan early on in the game who wants to join them. The Adoring Fan is nothing too special as a companion but getting a free companion early on is good.

Adoring fans will also bring you a lot of gifts during your time with him. The only downside, Adoring Fan is one of the most talkative and annoying companions players can get in Starfield.

Religion Trait: Raised Enlightened or Raised Universal

Effect: Gain a free chest full of special items.

Both traits offer almost the same effects. Raised Enlightened offers this chest with items from the House of Enlightened, and Raised Universal offers this chest with items from the Sanctum Universum. Picking either one means you will miss out on the other one, and this is the downside of picking either one.

Faction Allegiances: Freestar Collective Settler, Neon Street Rat or United Colonies Native

Effect: Additional dialogues and quests from the selected factions

All three traits are similar, although you can select just one from them. All of them offer you allegiance to one of the three factions in Starfield. You get better quests from the selected faction, and additional dialogues from the members of your selected faction. As a result, players will also get higher bounties for committing any crime in the territory controlled by your selected faction.


Effect: Use less oxygen when traveling with companions, and use more oxygen when traveling without companions.

It seems a bit awkward, but since we believe that companions are such an integral part of the Starfield experience, we recommend this trait. Companions can be used to help you in fights and carry stuff around as mules, so being able to save your oxygen when traveling with these companions is an important option to have.

Of course, it might be a hassle early on when you don’t really have any companions along with you. The effectiveness of the trait only begins after players get a companion.

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