Starfield Starsap Tours Walkthrough

Take some time off to go on a Starsap Tour of New Homestead with Bill in Starfield. You will get to see all of its locations.

Bill, the owner of Starsap Tours in Starfield, is eager to take you on a tour of New Homestead. You will have the opportunity to not only visit all of its major landmarks but also get to know a little history.

How to unlock the Starsap Tours mission

You must go to New Homestead on the Titan Planet of the Sol System to access the Starsap Tours mission in Starfield. There, you find an NPC, Bill, in the Museum of the New Homestead. You must agree to tour there, and then the mission starts. There are no prerequisites.

How to complete Starsap Tours in Starfield

Starsap Tours is a fairly short mission in Starfield where you only need to follow Bill, the owner of the company. Speak with him and he will offer to give you a tour of the place—New Homestead in just 100 credits.

You will have the option to persuade Bill to lower the price, but it is recommended to just save yourself time and extra dialogues by paying Bill the 100 credits. You can cover the measley amount by selling a few junk items in your inventory.

Follow Bill to all the New Homestead locations

The Starsap Tour will take you through eight different locations in Starfield’s New Homestead. There are no other objectives. You just have to follow Bill and listen as he talks about each location. You will also have the option to ask him questions about each landmark if you are interested in the game’s lore.

You will start the tour by visiting the Worker’s Living Quarters, an underground residential area. Bill will give you the chance to explore the area if you want. Otherwise, you can head to the next location.


You will then visit the Botanical Gardens, the Bio-Labs which will not be operational (you can ask him why), the Wind Farms, and the Methane Processing Plant.

Continuing with the Starsap Tours in Starfield, Bill will take you to the only natural landmark on New Homestead called Ymir’s Horn. It is a glacial spire that looks rather intimidating.

After that, he will take you to the Ice Mines. It’s up to you to ask questions; otherwise, proceed to the next one. The last place to visit on that tour is Brown Horse Tavern.

Tip Bill (optional)

After completing the tour, Bill and you will end up in the museum. Speak with him again and you will have the option to pay Bill 500 credits as a tip.

While this is an optional dialogue option, tipping Bill will raise your approval rating with your companions.

Starfield – Starsap Tours mission rewards

After the successful completion of this mission, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 200 XP

Starfield – Starsap Tours bugs and fixes

There is a rare bug where persuading Bill to give you the tour for free ends up bugging the Starsap Tours mission in Starfield. Bill will just keep standing there. You will not be able to speak with him, and the tour will not commence.

There is no fix to this bug as of yet. The only way is to reload a previous save file or refrain from trying to persuade him to give you the tour for free.

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