Starfield Tourists Go Home Walkthrough

You need to scare groups of tourists to go back home by wearing a terrifying monster costume in Starfield.

Tourists Go Home is a miscellaneous mission where you will be taking on the role of a monster in Starfield. Forget fighting the Terramorphs, it is your time to shine as a makeshift Titan monster that targets the visitors of Homestead.

Fulfilling the wishes of a tired and overworked healthcare worker, you are in for a fun ride during this side quest. It involves no combat or persuasion checks to pass, just a silly short mission so let’s get started.

How to unlock the Tourists Go Home mission

To unlock the Tourists Go Home side quest you need to complete the Brownout mission in Starfield. Then find Dr. Giuliana Lakota in her clinic in Homestead to start the mission.

After your conversation, your Mission HUD will be automatically updated with Tourists Go Home under the MISC Tab.

How to complete Tourists Go Home in Starfield

Your first destination for the Tourists Go Home side mission will be New Homestead on the Titan moon of Saturn in the Sol System of Starfield.

Enter the building at the end of your path, take the stairs down, and the door will open to New Homestead’s shopping area. Take a right from down the stairs and enter the Facilities area and you will find the Clinic immediately to your left.

Speak to Dr. Giuliana Lakota inside and ask her about her dislike of tourists. She shares that because they don’t respect the culture of Homestead and are reckless, she is not fond of them.

Tell her you wish you could help reduce her frustrations and she shares that she does have a plan that someone not known in these parts could do.

She hands you over a realistic monster costume she bought to scare away the tourists and start a rumor that alien monsters are living on Titan.

This way tourism takes a toll, people stop visiting and she can finally catch a break from her work. She tells you to target a group on the surface, anything to scare them away to get the job done.

Wear the Monster Costume to scare the tourists away

You will find the Monster Costume in your Inventory under the New Items Tab. Wear (equip) it in order to scare the tourists away. Take the elevator on the right from the Clinic’s exit to go back up to The Surface.

Note that the tourists only appear when the Monster Costume is equipped. Also, wait for all of them to run away or for the Mission HUD to update to ensure that your mission is completed.

This Monster Costume looks terrifying in Starfield.

Location 1: Near the Turbines

Leave the Homestead building, take a right, and go behind the area towards the large spinning turbines. Head to the furthest turbine to find a group of tourists and just get near them to make them run away.

Location 2: Behind the Landing Pad

Head back to the Landing Pad after exiting the Homestead building. Behind your ship, on the rocks near the mountains, you will find tourists hanging about.

Remember not to attack them, just stand near them and they will run away themselves.

Location 3: Behind Homestead

Head back up the stairs to the Main Hall and take a right from the Starsap Tours. Use the door on your left after the hallway to exit out of the Server room.

Take the stairs up and exit out of Homestead using the door on your left. After the first stairs down, you will be able to see the tourists on your left so jump onto the rocky terrain and scare them away.

Report back to Giuliana

After the tourists scurry away, go back to Dr. Giuliana down in The Clinic. She will be pretty happy that someone was willing to help her out with the ridiculous idea, thus completing the Tourists Go Home mission in Starfield.

The Monster Costume will be removed from your inventory after the mission, but if you complete the mission three times, Dr. Giuliana will let you keep it. We recommend doing so to add some flair to your character in Starfield.

Starfield – Tourists Go Home mission rewards

Completing the Tourists Go Home miscellaneous mission will get you 50 XP and 2100 Credits as a reward in Starfield.

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