Best Ship Build For Combat In Starfield

In Starfield, winning space battles can get easy for you if you figure out the best Ship build for Combat.

In Starfield, you will need a ship build that will allow you to combat enemy ships that come your way and destroy them. Space combat is not that easy, and often, you will encounter powerful foes in larger numbers.

To tackle this problem, you must build the best Ship for combat to have an upper hand. If you are tired of losing those space fights, then worry not, as I will discuss the Best Ship build for Combat in Starfield.

Which Ship to Pick for Combat in Starfield

To create the best Ship for combat, you need to choose a spaceship that is quick in maneuverability and can handle the enemy attacks at base level. I will advise you to go with the Abyss Trekker in Starfield.

To purchase this particular Ship, you must journey to the Porrima System. Then, you can set your route for the planet Porrima II in Starfield. You can select the marker that will bring you directly to Paradiso.

Explore the city, and after a short while, you can spot the Spaceport Vendor there. Meet him next and go through his inventory to find the Abyss Trekker listed amongst other options. It will cost you exactly around 34,7230 Credits in Starfield.

The reason why you should buy this Ship is fairly simple. This specific Ship has the best reactor and is also ideal for equipping heavy weapons. Moreover, it can perform decently in difficult battle situations and keep you alive and kicking during fights.

Starfield Best Ship build for Combat

When selecting the Best Ship build for combat, you must focus on getting certain parts to add/upgrade. This will include adding a serious FirePower to engage enemies, a Shield Generator to negate incoming attacks, and a ComSpike to target your enemy more accurately during your fights.

I will discuss all the options for these parts to create the best Ship build for combat.

Firepower [Option 1: PBO-300 Auto Alpha Turret]

This will essentially be the firepower for your ship design for combat in Starfield. Depending on your Credits, you can explore a wide range of firepower. If you are looking for the best options, you will have the following choices:

Atlatl 270C Missile Launcher ~> valued at (20862)

PBO-300 Auto Alpha Turret ~> valued at (16758)

Both pack serious firepower, but the PBO-300 Auto Alpha Turret is better. The reason is that this particular weapon is cheaper than the missile launcher.

Furthermore, it can also automatically lock onto your target and shower continuous fire at the enemy ships. This way, you can diminish the enemy ship’s generator shields in Starfield and focus your attack on destroying them. Lastly, it can be purchased easily from any spaceport.

Firepower [Option 2: Atlatl 270C Missile Launcher]

If you do not like the Auto Alpha Turret, you can go with the Atlatl 270c Missile Launcher. It will cost you a lot of Credit, but at the same time, its power and range are enough to take down any enemy starship and increase your chances of winning those combat fights in Starfield.

However, you will need to control it remotely, and once you manage to lock onto the enemy ships, you can deliver your attacks onto them. Ensure you also carry enough ammo, as the Atlatl 270C Missile Launcher needs to be recharged after every shot in Starfield. You can purchase this ship part from any spaceport in Starfield.

Firepower [Option 3: Vanguard Starseeker Pulse Laser]

During your fights, you will often need to focus more on bringing down the enemy shields. This is not an easy task, but having the Vanguard Starseeker Pulse Laser will solve the problem. This weapon is expensive, but it gets the job done and will allow you to land the killing blow on your targets.

However, purchasing this weapon will require certain prerequisites. One of these will include joining the Vanguard and completing some side missions in Starfield.

Once you fulfill this condition, you can head to the spaceport in New Atlantis. There, you will find this ship weapon listed amongst the other parts, so you can select this option and buy it. Adding it to your Ship will create the best ship build for combat in Starfield.

Shield Generator [ Assurance SG-1900 Shield Generator]

After you add the Fire Power to your Ship, you can focus on your Ship’s defenses. The best option for that will be the Shield Generator. You can choose the Assurance SG-1900 Shield Generator for the best combat ship in Starfield.

It is the most expensive piece on your Ship, but it will keep you up and running even in dangerous situations. Moreover, If you are considering this option, it will also come with a condition that you need to get Rank (4) on Starship Design in Starfield.

Once you do that, you will be eligible to purchase this specific Shield Generator. Similar to the other parts, you can buy this by visiting your nearest spaceport and proceeding to add this to your best ship build for combat.


The ComSpike is an optional ship piece/equipment that you can add to your spacecraft in Starfield if you are focused on increasing your aim. To acquire this ship piece, you must join a particular faction. That will happen to be the Crismon Fleet in Starfield. Then you will have to indulge yourself in undergoing their questline as well.  

This way, you will finally come across the ComSpike that you can use to create the Starfield best Ship for combat. The main advantage of using this ship piece is that it will reduce the amount of ammo you spend while targeting enemy ships. This way, you can aim at them more accurately and use less ammo to take them out in Starfield.

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