How To Get Abyss Trekker In Starfield

Abyss Trekker is a ship in Starfield which has excellent defensive and offensive abilities to fight enemy ships.

Apart from building the ship in the Ship Builder, Starfield also allows you to buy from prebuilt ships such as Abyss Trekker. Laced with “Particle Beam, Ballistic, and Missile weapons,” this ship is built to destroy enemy ships.

The wide wing design of Abyss Trekker is taken from a fighter jet, which helps you make tight maneuvers in battle conditions. The six-seat layout of this “Class C” ship ensures that all of your companions fit inside easily.

Where to find Abyss Trekker

To get Starfield Abyss Trekker, you must find and go to one of the “Ship Services Technicians.” In Starfield, you will find many “Ship Services Technicians” spread all across the United Colonies.

Not all ship technicians will have this ship in stock. You must reach the “Porrima II” planet in the “Porimma Star System.” Upon getting there, travel to “Paradiso” where you can find the technician.

Upon finding him, you need to initiate the conversation with him. You must choose the “Let me see what ships you have for sale.” Doing so will open up the menu of ships for sale in his lot.

You can find Abyss Trekker from the list that you can select and buy. Before you decide to buy Abyss Trekker, you need to remember that the ship is expensive, and you have 365,525 Credits in your wallet.


Should you buy Abyss Trekker in Starfield?

Each player has their own mindset about owning a ship in Starfield, but we will discuss all the pros and cons before you make up your mind. Also, don’t just make your decision based on the look of Abyss Trekker.

The first factor we need to consider is the economics of owning the Abyss Trekker in Starfield. This is because you need a big sum of 365,525 Credits to take ownership of this ship. Earning Credits is difficult, especially if you are playing early and fair in the game.

Secondly, we will talk about the practical utility of this ship. It has excellent defense and an offense that will help you destroy the enemy ship in seconds. Every weapon in the ship is designed to penetrate the enemy ship’s hull and do damage.

If you are thinking of carrying heavy loads in Abyss Trekker, you will be disappointed by the cargo-carrying capacity of this ship. It is rated to carry a maximum load of 340 Units, which is very low compared to ship in this price range.

In Starfield, you cannot pilot this “Class C” ship if you are in the early game phase. To do so, you must progress in the game and wait until you have “Piloting Level 4.”

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