Starfield Raised Enlightened Vs. Universal – Which trait To choose?

Starfield let you choose one starting trait from Enlightened, Universal, and House Va’ruun at the beginning of the game.

During Early Game, Starfield lets you choose one of three traits as part of the storyline. Depending on the player preferences in Starfield, you can choose one from ” Raised Enlightened, Universal, and House Va’ruun.”

Here, we will only compare Raised Enlightened and Universal, as House Va’ruun is not a worthy option. Choosing any of these traits will give access to one particular skill and the chest with special items inside.

Should you choose Raised Enlightened or Universal?

As said earlier, you will choose traits while building character at the start of the game. Among those traits, you will make a difficult choice between Raised Enlightened or Universal in Starfield.

Both traits are good, so it all comes down to the player’s preference. The decision to choose will also be influenced by your “fashion taste” and “type of playstyle.”

While deciding to choose between Raised Enlightened or Universal in Starfield, you need to keep in mind the stat bonus each one provides. Each trait will have a different set of items and the outfit we will tell you about later.

Raised Enlightened

You should choose Starfield Raised Enlightened if you have a playstyle that requires doing a lot of damage to the enemies. Fighting the enemies requires a tremendous amount of HP, so choosing this will give you the extra “10 points of HP”.

The boost in HP will not increase your offense for the enemies, but on the other hand, it will help you on the defensive side. This will help you greatly in the early game, as you will not have access to armor pieces that will help you prevent damage. The increased HP can counter this so you can survive longer in front of the enemies.

Upon choosing Raised Enlightened in Starfield, you will get your hands on the chest in the “New Atlantis” city. To get to this chest, you must find a house named “House of the Enlightened” using the map marker.

After getting inside, you can find the chest inside the Well of the house. Upon opening the chest, you will find several items that are listed below:

  • “Settler Poncho”
  • “x5 Med Packs”
  • “x2 Penicillin”
  • “Water Drink Pack”
  • “Charity in a Godless Universe, Part I”
  • “Charity in a Godless Universe, Part II”
  • “Charity in a Godless Universe, Part III”
  • “Charity in a Godless Universe, Part IV”

Raised Universal

While progressing through the storyline of Starfield, the major drawback you will face is the shortage of Oxygen. This is because you live in a space environment, and doing treacherous activities will consume more oxygen than usual.

To solve this problem from the beginning, you can opt for the Raised Universal trait. This is because it gives you 5% faster oxygen recovery. The benefit of choosing this trait will be that you can travel longer distances while carrying heavy loads.

All of this would be possible in a short amount of time as your rest durations will be shorter. In short, you could do more work faster than other traits. You can use this to your advantage by hunting enemies and shooting them off guard in Starfield.

Like any other trait, you can get possession of a chest by choosing Starfield Raised Universal. You need to make your way to the New Atlantis City in Starfield. To get to this chest, you must find a “Sanctum Universal Embassy” building using the map marker.

After getting inside, you will be able to find the chest with the items listed below:

  • “Festive Neocity Poncho”  
  • “x5 Med Packs”
  • “x2 Addichrone”
  • “Boom Pop! Orange”
  • “Sanctum Universum, Vol I”
  • “Sanctum Universum, Vol II”
  • “Sanctum Universum, Vol III”

Raised Enlightened Vs. Universal: Which is better?

After looking at the stats and perks of both traits, Raised Universal in Starfield is the best option, in my personal opinion. Aside from the perks, Raised Universal has the best religion you can be part of if you like.  

In general, you could go to many more places because of the increased O2 recovery of Raised Universal. Doing so lets you level up fast and rack more XP in Starfield, which will help you buy items during the Early Game.

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