Where To Find House Of The Enlightened In Starfield

House of the Enlightened in Starfield is your religion's HQ if you pick the right trait and something special awaits you in there.

There are three religion-based factions in Starfield. One of these is the Enlightened. Players can pick Raised Enlightened as one of their traits during character creation, making them members of the Enlightened religion and giving them access to the Starfield House of the Enlightened.

As part of the trait, players get a chest filled with loot if they can make their way to the faction HQ, House of the Enlightened. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t really tell you where that place is. That is why we are here to help players find House of the Enlightened in Starfield.

Starfield House of the Enlightened location

House of Enlightened is found in New Atlantis. In New Atlantis, players need to head to The Well, a place that can be visited during the main story of Starfield. There aren’t markers in the game that can direct you to The Well so you need to be familiar with the layout of New Atlantis. To enter The Well in Starfield, make your way to the Spaceport on New Atlantis. This is right where you land your ship once you arrive in the city.

From the Spaceport, make your way to Jemison Mercantile building which has a number of flags in front of it, making it easier to spot the building. Instead of entering the building, go around the entrance and take the elevator down to get to The Well.

House of the Enlightened is within the central area of The Well so should be easy to spot, with large text written on its walls.

Why should players visit the House of the Enlightened

As said before, the players can pick the Raised Enlightened trait at the start of the game. This trait is important as it offers a chest filled with items from the House of Enlightened to players from the start. To collect this chest, players need to head to the House of Enlightened in Starfield.


Inside the House of Enlightened, head down the stairs to your left as soon as you enter through the elevator. From here, follow the corridors and enter the sitting area below the main floor. Your chest can be found sitting here ready for taking.

You get the following items from House of Enlightened:

  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part I
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part II
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part III
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part IV
  • 5x Med Pack
  • 2x Heart+
  • Boom Pop! Cola
  • Settler Poncho Outfit

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