How To Get Polymer In Starfield

Polymer is a crafting resources in Starfield that can used to build important equipment.

Starfield Polymer is an “Exotic Organic Resource” mainly used as a crafting material. You will need Polymer and other resources while crafting equipment in the Research Laboratory.

If you constantly fight enemies, Polymer is a vital resource to keep in hand. This is because you can use this in crafting a lot of defensive equipment in Starfield.

Locations you can buy or find Polymer in Starfield

In Starfield, there are different ways to get the Polymers. You can visit vendors to buy it or harvest it from other places.

Buying from Vendors

Starfield offers hundreds of Merchant Stores spread all over the United Colonies. You can visit any close and convenient store, but Starfield Polymer is a rare item and only available from particular merchants.

For this, you must go to the New Atlantis city in Starfield. After getting there, travel to the merchant named “Jemison Merchantile.” You will then be able to find Polymer after interacting with this vendor in New Atlantis.

Here, one piece of Polymer will cost you “19 Credits,” which is inexpensive compared to other crafting resources. If, for some reason, the merchant is showing that Polymer is out of Stock, you can then wait 24 local hours for the inventory to reset.


Looting from Storage Containers and Enemies

Polymer is a crafting resource, just like Tungsten. You can find these resources inside one of the many storage containers scattered across the United Colonies in Starfield.

There is no surety that you will always get Polymer inside these Storage containers, so you have to be on the hunt for this. Like Containers, enemies in Starfield are also a good source of Polymer once they are dead.

Defeating enemies can be part of the mission objective so that you will benefit in both ways. Lastly, defeating enemies will also give you a nice boost in XP and player level.

Harvesting from Plants and Animals

Animals and Plants in Starfield are also a good source of Polymer that you can harvest. But you will only find these in creatures living on the planet where Polymer is abundant.

For that, you need to research before you land on the planet by scanning the “Fauna and Flora.” By doing so, you will be able to find the Polymer inside the list of other resources in which the planet is abundant.

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